El Venizel

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  • Born

    Eleutherios Venizelos was born in Mournies,Chania,Crete
  • Contribution

    He played a significant role in the autonomy of Crete and later in the union of Crete with Greece.
  • Balkan League

    Balkan League
    He helped gain Greece entrance to the Balkan League, against the Ottoman Empire, doubling Greece's area and population.
  • Prime Minister Service

    Prime Minister Service
    He was elected Prime Minister of Greece seven times in a row and consequently he was in charge for 22 years.
  • Treaty of Lausanne

    Treaty of  Lausanne
    It was signed after the end of World War 1 and defined the borders of the modern Turkish Republic.
  • Death

    He had a stroke and died in Paris.