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A Timeline of Sabina's Life:Behind the Scenes

  • The Big Meeting

    The Big Meeting
    This is where it all began, my parents meet each other. My moms sister had her bf over and my soon to be dad was over. After that the rest is history
  • The Big Day

    The Big Day
    It was at 4:29am on a Sunday morning, sun rising, a beautiful healthy baby, Sabina M Cerda was born. I was born at St Joesphs hospital in Joliet Il.
  • My first vacation!! not really

    My first vacation!! not really
    I don't know why my parents thought this was okay, but they let me go with my Grandma to Mexico when I was 5 months. I don't really remember any of it but apparently my Great Grandma wanted to have me stay with her but obviously my parents said no to that. In this stage of my life its showing basic trust vs mistrust, I even as a baby could sense that I was okay with my grandma
  • My first steps

    My first steps
    I was 10 months when i took my first steps, everyone was so impressed.
  • Will I ever shut up?

    Will I ever shut up?
    Soon after I took my first steps I started to mutter words. I wasn't fully capable of making full sentences though. My first word was Mom, and let me tell you its still my favorite word. In this stage of my life I feel its almost autonomy vs shame, i felt it was okay to explore myself and my abilities and my parents let me do so
  • Happy 1st Birthday!!!

    Happy 1st Birthday!!!
    Wow look at me, my first birthday party was Disney princess theme, obviously because I am a princess (: We had my party at my grandmas house.
  • Time to be a big sister

    Time to be a big sister
    I guess my parents didn't want me to be an only child sigh so they decide to have Alexa
  • First Day of School!

    First Day of School!
    My mom wanted me to start school with my cousin so that's why she choose to put me in pre-school. I went to Mary Crest in Joliet, I was so excited to go but my mom was not so happy to see her baby go, In this stage of life its initiate vs guilt, I knew it was okay to try new things, do new things and take leadership.
  • Baptism

    My parents wanted to wait to baptize me and lex together so that's what we did
  • First day of elementary

    First day of elementary
    Once again another first day of school. This time its at Pershing Elementary in Joliet, and once again my mom is still crying but this time she's okay with me going
  • Snoopy time

    Snoopy time
    As a family we decided to get a puppy from my dads friend because his kid didn't know how to take care of it. We got a little pomeranian and we named him snoopy, my choice, we still have him and he goes by snoopy, stinkers, and snoopers poopers
  • First family vacation

    First family vacation
    As a family us and my moms sister all decided to go to the Dells for like two weeks, and after we went the first year we kept going back. i rode the fast boat for the first time there
  • My first barbie car

    Hah i know you might be thinking how is this a big thing but when a girl gets her first car you remember, mine just happens to be a barbie dream car. In this one I feel its industry vs inferiority only because at this time I was interested in cars, my dad happens to be a car salesmen so I felt comfortable being into cars
  • Cancer ):

    Cancer ):
    Sadly you think it'll never affect anyone you know but unfortunately that's not the casse, cancer comes for anyone and sadly my mom got diagnosed with Non hodgkins lymphoma
  • Moving Day

    Moving Day
    After living in my moms childhood home we finally moved into s house down the street from my aunt with all my cousins. Super fun and exciting
  • Time to be a bigger big sister

    Time to be a bigger big sister
    I guess third times a charm, my parents wanted another baby so they had Nasya, yes 3 girls, sucks to be my dad, but now were all inseparable
  • The fights over

    The fights over
    After what felt like an eternity my mom was pronounced cancer free and very healthy
  • My first concert

    My first concert
    Yes I was a boy band fanatic and it happened to be that my first concert would be One Direction
  • Disney for the first time

    Disney for the first time
    Every kids loves going to Disney and my first time going was on the family trip and we had a blast, we stayed in a Belle inspired room
  • Changing times

    Changing times
    Finally finishing elementary its time for middle school, I go on to Dirksen Junior High because I still was living in joliet.
  • Meeting my best friend

    Meeting my best friend
    You know how you make friends in middle school and sometimes they last and others done. Well this one is the one that sticks and is to date still one of my best friends
  • Hard times you lean on good friends

    Hard times you  lean on good friends
    My 7th grade year, my best friend Autumn was having a rough situation at home so she asked to stay with us while her mom got better, she ended up staying with us for almost 4 years and I wouldn't have traded it for the world. We shared a room, clothes everything she was just another kid and till this day my parents treat her like she's theirs
  • Moving Time

    Moving Time
    Once again we are moving, but now to our current house, our home. My parents worked hard to get to this point to be first time home buyers on a house they built from the ground up and I coolant be more proud
  • Scholastic Bowl

    Scholastic Bowl
    Being the top dogs of junior high and leaving me and all my friends all decided to do something together so we joined scholastic bowl, we weren't very good but we had a good time, I also fell this is industry vs inforiority, being industry because i wanted to show what I can do
  • Light the Night

    Light the Night
    Being so thankful for the fight my mom overcame we decided to show our thanks and do this 5k walk to remember those we lost, support those who are fighting and appreciate those who survived
  • NHS

    I was in Nhs all 3 years of middle school maintaining a 4.0 gpa and I was actually elected as president of the club itself, I also was involved in student council and 8th grade comity
  • 8th grade Graduation

    8th grade Graduation
    Its done, the last time I see some of these people, sad but true. I was valedictorian at my eight grade graduation as well, I gave a great speech as well
  • Being the new girl

    Being the new girl
    Everyone hates being new and I especially felt that right now, I knew no one but thank goodness Jada Anthony lived across from me so I was able to be her friend, I think this was the start of role confusion and identity because I really had to figure out who I was
  • First Homecoming

    First Homecoming
    Everyone knows homecoming week is the best week for high school students, its the first school dance and boy where they right, its so fun. Even if it was a little gloomy saturday that doesn't stop anyone from partying
  • Meeting the girls

    Meeting the girls
    They say you find your friends in High school and I did that. I started to find my people, it happen to be sophomore year, some of the people I soon would trust with everything I happen to sit with them at lunch, Jasmine Rotger, Elena Cabral and Sophia Grippo, my girls. This stage of life corresponds with identity vs role confusion, I truly can say I found myself and my hopes and the people I want to surround myself with for the rest of my life.
  • Surprise Party

    Surprise Party
    I turned 16 and my parents threw me a surprised 16 but my friends suck and told me about it, but luckily Im very good at faking being surprised
  • Kim the Kia

    Kim the Kia
    Every girl dreams of her first car when she turns 16 and I gave my parents a list of things I needed in my car and they got me everything I wanted in my 2014 kia optima
  • Lolla Baby

    Lolla Baby
    Everyone has heard of Lollapaolza and of course being a teenage girl we all want to. I managed to convince my parents to let me go, I went with Makayla and ended up meeting with my friends too.I saw Travis Scott and that started a feeling Ive always wanted to be happy with my people doing what I love the most. I also believe this is identity vs role confusion, because my parents let me experience this and learn what i like and what I dont
  • Powderpuff D1

    Powderpuff D1
    Junior year I decided to do powderpuff because it seemed fun and it was high school these are the memories I need, I had such a good time and I bonded with so many people I thought I wouldn't.
  • Friendsgiving

    Holidays are my favorite time of year so me and my friends decided to do a friendsgiving, we ate so much food and had a blast, we now do it every year
  • Cracker Barrel

    Cracker Barrel
    I had to get a job to show responsibility and I needed it fast so I went to my first option, The barrel and now I love who I work with an my job itself, i have been there for a little over a year.
  • Ditch

    Everyone has there scary driving story and mine just happen to be getting stuck in a ditch with Jasmine. I was so scared I didn't even want to call my parents, but then i caved called them and they came, my dad grounded me for a month but my mom didn’t care
  • SAT

    The day every junior dreads, a number that determines their whole future, I was so nervous but I was trying to act like it was fine but I wasn't, I ended up doing fine but still nerve racking
  • Meeting The Bears

    Meeting The Bears
    You know I am a big bears fan and my dad got passes to the 100year celebration for the bears and I MEET TRUBISKY, my quarterback, he is so cute in person and so nice with kids, I was so excited about it.
  • College Time

    College Time
    This is the time to start thinking about your future so I started. I went to go visit Loyola, in the city. I fell in love, hard. i felt at home and I just had a feeling, that night I went home and applied not knowing this one decision can change my life
  • Lolla pt 2

    Lolla pt 2
    It happened again, this time I was experienced and I felt more comfortable, I saw some of my favorite people being with my favorite people.
  • Loyola Acceptance

    Loyola Acceptance
    I think I should have known this is for me when I got accepted. I cried because I finally felt a weight lifted of my shoulders, I have gotten into both my dream schools and now I have to choose
  • My last senior football game

    My last senior football game
    I know most people dont think this is a big deal but this is the last time I was able to cheer on my almost11-0 football team. the last time I would blunder these lights with the atopsher being the way it is. Its bitter sweet, really enjoy it if you can.
  • A little snow never hurt anyone

    A little snow never hurt anyone
    With me still choosing colleges Colorado was on my radar. I have always loved the thought of me being in Colorado and now having an acceptance letter I had to visit. Unfortunately I didn't love the school but there's always dental school
  • Decisions

    I have finally committed to Loyola to major in Public health and biology with a minor in business with a track in pre dental to became a dentist
  • My last day of high school

    My last day of high school
    Most people dont think their last day of high school is in the middle of March but mine and my classes happen to be, there's this thing called Covid 19 that is attacking and for our safety schools are closed for a little bit, but its looking like we aren't having prom or graduation or a proper goodbye but hey that's life, we just make th best of everything
  • Senior year starts

    Senior year starts
    They say high school goes by in a fly and they weren't lying, a second ago I was just a freshman now Im in the front lot, in the front row of the football game cheering on my senior football team, taking every moment in as it might be the last.
  • Senior Homecoming

    Senior Homecoming
    Running for homecoming queen, playing my senior powderpuff winining and shopping for my last homecoming dress, I had a blast. I might have left early but it was being with my best friends, having a good time, enjoying being a teen
  • the Golden age

    the Golden age
    Now my golden birthday is when I'm 21, in july, come on im here for a good time, so by 21 I hope to be in nashville or somewhere fun with my friends celebrating the right way
  • Graduation

    By 21 I should also be graduation from Loyola with my major heading to dental school after a great 4 years of college, maybe ill do dental school in COlorado or stay in Chicago
  • Dental School

    Dental School
    I hope by the age of 24 I should be done with dental school, maybe Ill do the extra2 years for orthodontist depending on what life has in store for me
  • Marriage

    By 25-26 I want to be married and successful, I dont want kids just yet, but I do want to have my own practice and me and my husband to have our own place, this is my intimacy vs isolation, obviously im with intimacy because of my plans to have a future.

    By 27 I want to have my first kid and then by 29 I want to have my second kid if me and my husband want as second kid, I want to be an active mom and be able to go to my kids activities and I think at 27 I feel this would be nice. This once again goes hand in hand with isolation vs intimacy because I want to share this with someone
  • 30-40

    By this age I hope to be establish in all part of my life, because if im not the rest of my 20-30 life is going to be pushed into this time haha. During this time I want to buy a house in Colorado if im not living out there and I want to buy a lake house so my little family of 4-5(dog included) can go up there and make memories. Once again i feel this is intamicy vs isolation because i am with my family
  • 40-50

    At this age I want to be attending my children's graduation and enjoying life with my husband because our business are successful, I also want to be able to have a wine night with the girls, because they'll still be my people
  • 50-60

    I want to be traveling the world with my husband and dog to enjoy the life we always wanted and had. I want to see the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, I want to be able to attend our friends wedding anniverity parties and throw my own. This I feel is the stage of generatively vs stagnation because I have experienced life and I think I can leave the next generation in this world being happy.
  • 60-70

    By this time me and my husband will both be retired surrounded by our grandchildren, being those cool grandparents, me being the favorite, and being happy
  • 70-80

    At this point I want to move away to like hawaii and be a little barista there with my husband but have a great retirement plan for my kiddos, most importantly I want to be happy with my siblings, my husbands siblings and our kids. Finally I believe this is Ego integrity vs despair, I can look back in my life and say I was a good person.
  • 80-90

    Im still kicking it at this age, playing with my grandkids, enjoying the sun in hawaii or one of our houses at our kids, enjoying the last years, I will make sure my family is taken care of even after me and my husband go. I believe this is Ego integrity vs despair, I can look back in my life and say I was a good person and be okay with leaving