The Life Of Ra'Sheedah

Timeline created by sheedah
  • My Bitrh

    Weight: 3lbs 2oz
    Abington Memorial Hospital
    Abington Pa
  • Able To stay at Home

    I had to stay at the hospital because I was not well enough to go home because i was born 2 months early, and when i got to go home i was still hooked on a incubator.
  • Took my first step

    I atarted walking right befor my first birthday my mother was so happy.
  • First Birthday Party

    My parents had a big first birth day party for me at chukie cheese.
  • Became a aunt

    Me and my oldest neice grew up together basically.
  • Graduated Kindergarten

    After o=my graduation my grandfather took me out to lunch
  • My Uncles wedding

    I had a blast an my uncles wedding it was also very beautiful.
  • Went to judge Mathis

    He Is a judge that was aired on ups 57 and also this was to first time i rode on a plane, it was in chigago.
  • Baptized at my church

    I was baptiezd when I lived in norristwon and i went to Ebenezer church.
  • My graandfather Passed Away

    This was a very sad time for me and my family.
  • Jr. Prom

    I thought it was boring personally
  • Martin Luther King Senior Prom

    This is the school my boyfriend attened at the time
  • Power house

    This was a big concert and also Jay-Z's last live cooncert.
  • Graduation

    I will be graduating Abington Senior High School Class of 2009.