Obama's 1st 100 Days

Timeline created by 65mustangs
  • Met With Companies

    Met With Companies
    Met with 13 companies including Google, I.B.M., and Citigroup to rally suppost for his stimulus plan.
  • Interviewed

    Interviewed by Matt Lauer on NBC's "Today" show.
  • Visits Students

    Visits Students
    Visits a public school in Washington to read to children.
  • Stimulus Plan

    Stimulus Plan
    Promotes stimulus plan at a campaign-style event in Elkhart, In.
  • Taped Message

    Taped Message
    Discusses the importance of service in a taped message shown at halftime of the N.B.A. All-Star game.
  • Homeowner Relif Plan

    Homeowner Relif Plan
    Announces a homeowner relief plan in Phoenix, a city hit hard by foreclosures. The plan could cost up to $275 billion and would help homeowners refinance or avert foreclosure.
  • Stimulus Plan

    Stimulus Plan
    Promotes the stimulus plan and his budget at a town-hall-style meeting in Costa Mesa, Calif. Addresses the uproar over the A.I.G. bonuses.
  • Energy Plan

    Energy Plan
    Promotes his energy plans at an alternative vehicle plant in Pomona, Calif.
  • Video Conference

    Video Conference
    Holds a video conference call with astronauts from the space station and from the shuttle Discovery, with Washington-area middle school students and members of Congress.
  • Refinancing

    Holds a televised roundtable with a handful of families in which he promotes home refinancing.