4th hour Emily Heatwole

Timeline created by krollhistory
  • Japanese attacked American Airfields in the Philippines

    A few hours after Pearl Harbor, the Japanese attacked American Airfields in the Philippines. Two days later, they landed troops.
  • U.S. decoded the alerting Japanese messages

    The United States decoded the Japanese messages that alerted them of the Japanese attack on New Guinea.
  • Defenders of Bataan Peninsula Surrendered

    Nearly 78,000 prisoners of war were forced to march 65 miles to a Japanese prison camp.
  • Americans bombed Japan for the first time

    James Doolittle was in command of the mission to bomb Tokyo and at the end of March a crame loaded sixteen B-25s onto the aircraft carreir Hornet.
  • Corregidor surrenders

    Even though the troops in the Bataan Peninsula surrendered, a small force held out on the island of Corregidor in Manila Bay. Finally they surrendered in May 1942
  • Japanese launched their aircraft against Midway

    The Japanese were unaware of what they would have to face and the Americans were ready. The Japanese ran into a blizzard of antiaircraft fire, and 38 planes were shot down.