The AMAZING life of Katie Pasicznyuk

  • My Birth!

    I was born on May 1st 1997. I came earlier than my parents and doctors expected.
  • Prime Minister Elected

    Prime Minister Elected
    On May 1, 1997 (my birthday) Tony Blair was elected Prime Minister of England.
  • Period: to

    The AMAZING life of Katie Pasiczntuk

  • Broncos Won Superbowel

    Broncos Won Superbowel
    Growing up in Colorado I am a broncos fan. They won the superbowel this year and everyone was very happy!
  • Fist Steps

    I took my first steps (and probably fell) on May 1, 1998
  • Shooting at the Columbine High School Happened

    In a surburb of Denver, Colorado at Columbine High School there was a shooting. Two boys came into school with guns, killed three students, and killed themselves. This was national news but living in Colorado this was a even bigger tragedy for our area. My school would have many talks about bullying and school safety after this. It effected everyone and scared everyone. We will remember it forever.
  • Met My Best Friend In Colorado

  • Haymen Wildfire

    This was something that was very scary. A lady started the wildfire in the mountains that were in front of my city. I remember being at the pool and seeing the mountains glowing red from the fire. The next day it started raining ashes. This killed alot of the forest, and scared me.
  • September 11th

    On September 11, 2002 the U.S. was attacked my terrorists. Many people died and it was one of the biggest tragedys our countries has ever faced.
  • Learned to Swim

    Swimming is one of the things I really love to do. At first I was scared of the water and wouldn't go in, but my parents threw me in and now i thank them for it.
  • Went to disney Land

    Went to disney Land
    I am a disney freak! We have gone most years scence this year. To me, it's one of the happiest most magical places on earth.
  • Grandma died

    I loved my grandma very much. She died of cancer.
  • Started Playing Piano

    I love playing the piano. It's one of my joys in life. I have been playing for a while now and doing competitions.
  • Got my Kitty Charlie

    Got my Kitty Charlie
    I love my cat. He is very fat and cute. I love to pick him up and cuddle him. I think he hates me because he bites me alot, but he is my baby kitty boy! :)
  • Moved from my Home to Iowa!

    Moved from my Home to Iowa!
    My Daddy got a job as the Cedar Rapids Library director. Because of tis, I had to move from my hometown (Colorado Springs, Colorado) to Iowa. At first, the move was really hard on me, but I've made alot of great friends and now actually think it was a good thing.
  • Plane Landing on the Husdon

    On January 15, 2009 the pilot of a plane noticed the plane started to crash. He ended up landing the plane on the Hudson River and saveing many peoples lives. No one died because of him.
  • First Black President

    Obama became the first black president on January 20 ,2009. Although I might not agree with him on politics I find it very cool that I got to be alive when the first black president came into office.
  • Michael Jackson Died

    Michael Jackson Died
    Michael Jackson was one of the most talented music atrists ever. I love his songs, and he can dance amazingly. Sadly, he died.
  • Met Mariah!

    Met Mariah!
    Mariah Irmen is like my sister. She lives in my neighborhood and rides my bus and we are always together. I love her and I don't know what I would do without her.
  • Haiti Earthquake

    The Haiti earthquake was a huge national disaster that devasted many poeple.
  • Met My Best Friend In Iowa!

    Met My Best Friend In Iowa!
    On May, 28 2010 I met my best friend in Iowa (Brady Franklin). Over the summer we talked alot and grew really close. This school year he is also my best friend and boyfriend.