Maus Timeline

Timeline created by katieannyermal
  • Anja

    Vladek meets Anja. Within the year they were engaged.
  • The Wedding

    The Wedding
    Only two years after they first met, Anja and Vladek were married.
  • Richieu

    Vladek and Anja have their first son, Richieu. Shortly after Richieu was born, Anja became very depressed.
  • Trip to the Hospital

    Trip to the Hospital
    Vladek took Anja to the hospital in Czechoslovakia and on the way they saw a swastika in the middle of town. Anja was in the hospital for 3 months before she was healthy enough to return home.
  • Drafted

    Vladek recieves draft notice to the army in the war against Germany.
  • The War

    The War
    The war began. Vladek was captured as a war prisoner for six weeks. While there, he volunteered for labor assignments to replace German workers who were called to the front.
  • Relocating

    Vladek released from prisioner of war camp. He was able to go home to his family. Richieu was now 2 years old. Order sent out through town relocating all Jews to the Stara Sosnowiec quarter. Richieu was taken away, and Vladek never saw him again.
  • Richieu's Death

    Richieu's Death
    Tosha poisoned her children and poisoned Vladeks son, Richieu, to avoid the gas chambers.
  • Attempt to Escape

    Attempt to Escape
    15 men were hiding from the vans that were taking all Jews to Aushchwitz. The men then tried to escape to Hungary but were caught and sent along with the rest of the Jews.
  • Teaching English

    Teaching English
    Vladek began teaching the supervisor English in exchange for food and clothes.
  • Mandelbaum

    Vladek's friend whom he had been traveling with was killed. His name was Mandelbaum.
  • Finding Anja

    Finding Anja
    Vladek gets in touch with Anja through a woman at the camp.
  • Auschwitz

    Vladek arrives at Auschwitz.
  • Birkenau

    In the summer of 1944 Vladek was moved to Birkenau, the other building at Auschwitz. Here, Vladek reunites with Anja.
  • Happiest Moment

    Happiest Moment
    In October, Vladek sees a few thousand women in the new barracks and among those women he spots Anja. Vladek says this is the only moment he was ever happy in Auschwitz.
  • Gross-Rosen

    Everyone was evacuated from Auschwitz and was forced to march to Gross-Rosen in Germany.
  • Dachau

    Everyone was then moved from Gross-Rosen and were placed in Dachau. At Dachau they did nothing but wait to die. People were becoming sick and dying of typhus. Eventually, everyone evacuated Dachau and were put on a train to Switzerland.
  • War Ends

    War Ends
    World War 2 ends. Vladek and friends travel together and are eventually found by a group of Americans.
  • Garmisch Partenkirchen

    Garmisch Partenkirchen
    Vladek moves to a displaced persons camp in Garmisch Partenkirchen. Here Vladek became sick with typhus and diabetes.
  • Back to Anja

    Back to Anja
    Vladek travels back to Sosnowiec to reunite with Anja
  • Anja Dies

    Anja Dies
    Anja couldn't escape the awful memories of Auschwitz. Anja commits suicide, leaving behind no note.
  • Vladek Dies

    Vladek Dies
    Vladek dies of congestive heart failure