Говард Филлипс Лавкрафт (Корнеев Никита)

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  • Start

    Howard was born in Providence, the capital of Roth Island. This city with chaotically located streets, crowded squares and Gothic spiers is often found in Lovecraft's works: throughout his life, the genius of literature has longed for his homeland.
  • Father's death

    When Howard was 3 years old, his father was placed in a clinic with a serious mental disorder, where he was halfway until his death on July 19, 1898. The writer himself later claimed that his father died of paralysis caused by "nervous exhaustion", which was the result of excessive work and lack of sleep.
  • about grandfather

    Howard Lovecraft grew up as a child prodigy - at the age of six he already wrote poetry. His grandfather Whipple encouraged his interest in reading, especially in classical literature, and often told him original stories in the Gothic horror genre. Four years later, he returned to school. In 1904, Whipple Lovecraft died, after which the family became very impoverished and was forced to move to a cheaper house on the same street.
  • Beginning of Howard

    Everything changed when he wrote a letter to the editorial board of the glossy magazine "Argosy", in which he complained about the lethargy of the plot of the story published there by a certain Freddy Jackson. The discussion of this letter in a column of the magazine caught the eye of the president of the amateur press association, Edward Daas, who in 1914 invited Lovecraft to join them. This association pushed him in every way to write new poems and essays.
  • Poor Howard

    Sarah, Howard's mother, after a long hysteria and depression, in 1919, was taken to the same hospital where her husband died, and died there on May 21, 1921 as a result of complications after gall bladder surgery. Until her death, she corresponded with her son.
  • Back home

    Soon at a meeting of amateur journalists, Howard Lovecraft met Sonia Green, who had Ukrainian-Jewish roots, and was seven years older than Lovecraft. They married in 1924 and moved to Brooklyn, New York. After quiet Providence, New York life did not fall in love with Lovecraft. In many ways his story “He” was autobiographical. A few years later, the couple broke up, although they did not issue a divorce. Lovecraft returned to his hometown.
  • His golden time

    Returning to Providence, Lovecraft lived in a "large Victorian wooden house" at 10 Barnes Street until 1933 This period is perhaps the most interesting and productive in the life of a writer. He travels a lot in New England, visits Quebec, Philadelphia, Charleston, and continues to conduct active correspondence. The most important works of Lovecraft (sometimes called the "elder texts"), starting with The Call of Cthulhu (1926), were written at this time.
  • The End

    Despite writing successes, Lovecraft was increasingly in need. He moved again, now to a small house. The suicide of Robert Howard made a strong impression on him. In 1936, the writer discovered intestinal cancer, a consequence of malnutrition.