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Young Adult Books Will Rule the World

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Williams small square First YA Librarian Mabel Williams Atkinson, J. (1986, Fall). Pioneers in public library service to young adults. Top of the News, 43 (1), 30
4951618678 0fda13d84b 1 small square YA gets a name. Earliest documented use of the term YA for teen books. "Girl Reading." Flickr. Web. 5 June 2011.
The outsiders book small square First Queen of YA Movie trailer
S. E. Hinton's The Outsiders is published.
Stackobooks small square YA paperbacks published
Pediapress book reading 2 small square YA books become their own genre
Bleach small square Graphic Novels appear Bleach,
250px twilightbook small square Twilight becomes YA bestseller.
Beastly%20movie small square Ya books made into movies Beastly,
Kind of a Funny Story,
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
Hunger Games
Alaska small square YA books become top sellers Twilight,
Looking for Alaska,
Pretty Little Liars
Twitter logo small square #YASaves Twitter Tag trends in US and world Darkness Too Visible In response to a Wall Street Journal article claiming YA Lit. is too dark 15,000 plus people have tweeted about how YA literature has saved and/or helped them personally. The Wall Street Journal article has 34 comments.
Book%20sculpture2 small square YA Books take over the world! And I become the Queen! :)
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