WW2 Timeline

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  • Mussolini takes over italys government

    Mussolini takes over italys government
    Mussolini was the dictator fascist of italy during world war 2 Mussolini Picturei
  • Beer Hall Putsch

    Beer Hall Putsch
    the beer hall putsch was a failed takeover of the governent in bavaria. after hitler had went to prison for treason for a year, he tried to regain power and rebuild the nazi party via legal methods. Beer Hall Putsch Picture
  • Japan Invades Manchuria

    Japan Invades Manchuria
    A major reason that japan invaded manchuria was because in there little island they were becoming to crowded with there population. By 1931 japan had invested a vast amount of money into the economy. Japan Invades Manchuria Picture
  • Kellogg-briand pact

    Kellogg-briand pact
    The kellogg-briand pact was also known as the pacxt of paris. It was that attempted to outlaw war. Kellogg briand pact had no sanctions against countries that might breach its provisions. Kellogg Briand Pact Picture
  • US Stock market crash

    US Stock market crash
    also called the wallstreet crash, or black tuesday. It was the most devastating stock market crash. The crash was the beginning od a great depression or also known as a worldwide depressionwhich last 10 years. it affected all of the western industrialized colonies. US stark market crash
  • Hitler Becomes germanys chancellor

    Hitler Becomes germanys chancellor
    when he became chancellor he promised a whole lot of things, including a new life for germans. germany chancellor date picture
  • Japan Withdraws from the league of nations

    Japan Withdraws from the league of nations
    the reason they dropped out of the league is because they didn't follow there rules and so japan basically said your dumb so were out. With that they end up invading manchuria. japan withdraw picture
  • Nazis reach a political majority in germany

    Nazis reach a political majority in germany
  • first anti-semitic law passed in germany

    first anti-semitic law passed in germany
    this was a law that stated that german jews were not allowed in germany no more, and that nazis had to prosecute them. first anti semitic law passed picture
  • The day when hitler announces hid cabnet wil defy the treaty of versailles

    The day when hitler announces hid cabnet wil defy the treaty of versailles
    he basically said that he will not follow the treaty of versailles and will do his own thing. he does everything that the treaty said not to do, he built an amry, and went to war with other countries. He does he own thing and does what he thinks is best. when hitler announces his cabnet picture
  • Italy invades ethiopia

    Italy invades ethiopia
    after not following the rules of the league of nations to try and keep peace, italy decideds to go and invade ethiopia. the leader of germany had kind of taken adolf's ideas. The main reason Italy wanted to invade ethiopia was because they wanted to boost there national prestige. italy ivades ethiopia picture
  • creation of the laws of the sudetenland

    creation of the laws of the sudetenland
  • hitler militarizes the rhineland

    hitler militarizes the rhineland
    this is when hitler is just buildinjg up his army and wants more land, so he invades and takes control of the rhinelnd. Which france was not happy about and the league of nations at the time didnt really do anything to stop it. hitler militarizes the rhineland picture
  • Rape of nanking

    Rape of nanking
    This was also called the Nanjing massacre, this was because between 20,000 and 80,000 women were sexualy assaulted and about 100,000 people were killed in the city. rape of nanking picture
  • germany annexes austria

    germany annexes austria
    in early 1938, austrian nazis conspired for the second time in four years ti seize the austrian government by force and unite their nation with nazui germany. Austrian chancellor Kurt Von Schuschnigg, met with adolf in hopes of reasserting his countries independence. The next day adolf sent troops in Austria. germany annexed austria picture
  • hitler demands the sudetenland

    hitler demands the sudetenland
    When hitler demanded the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia was risisted but its allies, france and great britain, convinced them so they could avoid war at all cost. The Munich agreement was suppose to bring peace, but instead it lead to more destruction. germany later seized Czechoslovakia. hitler demanded sudetenland picture
  • Munich Conference

    Munich Conference
    the munich conference was a conference discussing the sudetenland and that Czechoslavakia should just give it up in order to keep peace. hitler later gave a speech in sudetenland and the 3 million people fell in love with him. munich conference picture
  • Kristallnacht

    Between november 9 and 10, there was a mass destruction of jewish homes , schools, and buisnesses and killed about 100 jews. This day could also be called "the night of broken glass" A good 30,000 men were arrested and sent to nazi concetration camps. kristallnacht picture
  • einstein's letter to the FDR and the manhattan project

    einstein's letter to the FDR and the manhattan project
    This letter was to tell FDR about how the contruction of very powerful bombs that were known as atomic bomb. Einstein was convinced that germans were supporting this research. eintein's letter to FDR picture
  • molotov ribbentrop pact

    molotov ribbentrop pact
    this was the agreement between russia and germany to basically not attack each other during the war. hitler would later break this promise and have made a huge mistake. molotov ribbentrop pact picture
  • Nazi invasion of poland

    Nazi invasion of poland
    At about 4:45 am, a good 1.5 million troops invade poland all along its 1,750 mile border with germany with german controlled territory. Adolf later claimed that the massive invasion was a defense invasion, but britain and france were not convinced. On september 3, they declared war on germany, initiating ww2. nazi invasion of poland picture
  • France Surrenders

    France Surrenders
    When Paris was taken over by germany, france had already lost all hope because they were weak. They later signed an armistice to drop out of the war. They armistice went full had full affect when on june 25, germany had already flooded in half of france. France surrenders picture
  • Evacuation of dunkirk

    Evacuation of dunkirk
  • Battle of britain

    Battle of britain
    In the summer and fall of 1940, germany and british air forces clashed in the skies over the united kindom. Britains victory over the germans was a huge deal in the war because if they would have failed then ground troops would have started invading. Later, on june 17, france signed an armistice to drop out of the war. Great britain battle picture
  • the tripartite pact

    the tripartite pact
    On this day, the axis powers are formed as germnay, italy and japan become allies with the signing of the tripartite act in germany in berlin. The pact provided for mutual assistance should any of the signatures suffer attack by any nation not already involved in the war. Tripartite pact picture
  • lend lease act

    lend lease act
    This was the act the the US could provide supplies for foreign countries. The act would mean that the united states would not get to involved in the war, but would still help countries that would need it. lend Lease act picture
  • Operation Barbossa

    Operation Barbossa
    On this day, hitler launched a massive invasion on the soveit union. It was three great army groups of over 3 million troops, 150 divisions and 3000 tanks. They severely under estimated there oppenent. Operation Barbarossa picture
  • the discovery of majdanek

    the discovery of majdanek
  • bombing of pearl harbor

    bombing of pearl harbor
    This day is when japan had bombed pearl harbor. around 2300 people had died that die and more than 1100 were wounded, there were 19 ships that were sunked, including 8 battleships. pearl harbor bombing picture
  • creation of the united nations

    creation of the united nations
    this group was re-created after the league of nations afrter they failed to maitain peace. this group is said to be better at keeping peace. creation of united naqtions picture
  • the wannssee conference and the final solution

    the wannssee conference and the final solution
    the wannssee was also known as the final solution and it basically was the holocaust and a plan for the jews. they werent going to kill them all but they were going to because they couldnt leave to any other country. so they killed them, mostly using gas called zyklon B. the wannsee conference and final soultion picture
  • bataan death march

    bataan death march
    after april 9th, 1942, when the US surrender of the bataan peninsula on the main philippine island of luzon to the japanese during ww2. Approximately 75,000 filipino and american troops on bataan were forced to make an arduous 65 mile march to prison camps. battan death march picture
  • Dolittle raid

    Dolittle raid
  • battle of midway

    battle of midway
    6 months after the bombing of pearl harbor, united states defeat japan in one of the most decisive naval battles in ww2. It had a lot to do with major code breaking, it was good because they could counter attack evrything they threw at them. battle of midway picture
  • battle of stalingrad

    battle of stalingrad
    This battle was a succesful defense battle in the city of stalingrad. Some Russians say it was there greatest battle of there great patriotic war. It was on eof the most bloodiest battles in history with a whopping 2 million miltary and civilians dead. It was a great turning point for the allies and one of hitlers biggest mistakes. battle of stalingrad picture
  • operation torch

    operation torch
    it was the british-american invasion of the french in north africa during the north affrican campaign of ww2. Operation Torch picture
  • Island Hopping

    Island Hopping
    Island hopping is a phrase given to a stragety employed by the united states to gain military control os bases on small islands in the pacific. the attack was lead by general douglas MacArthur, commander of the allied forces in the south west pacific. after tehy made small bases on some islands they would attack other islands from those bases island hopping picture
  • Operation Overlord and Dday

    Operation Overlord and Dday
  • Operation Valkyrie

    Operation Valkyrie
  • Battle of the Bulge

    Battle of the Bulge
    This was basically germany's last real offensive attack. which was still a failed attempt. The fight was at the allied front line. After this battle hitler had pretty much given up on his plans for germany. battle of the bulge picture
  • hitlers suicide

    hitlers suicide
    when hitler has all his plans fail and since he didnt want to be arrested, he to pills and then shot himself to make sure he was dead. also had his wife there so she could make sure that he was going to die. hitler suicide picture
  • V-E day

    V-E day
    This was the day that marks the victory of the allies. V-E day picture
  • bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki

    bombing of hiroshima and nagasaki
  • V-J day

    V-J day
    V-J day is also known as victory over japan day. September 14 and 15 were the days that japan had surrenders. V-J day picture
  • the nuremberg trials

    the nuremberg trials
    the nuremberg trials was a series of miltary tribunals, held by allied forces after ww2, it was the most noteable for the prosecution of prominent members of the political, military, and economic leadership of germny. Nuremberg trials picture
  • japanese war crime trials

    japanese war crime trials
  • begining of the cold war

    begining of the cold war
    after the world war 2 russia and United states both wanted to europe to become like them econmically. but both sides had a conflict which broke out to death. beginning of cold war picture