World Wildlife Foundation Timeline

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  • The Beginning

    The Beginning
    In April, 1961 the WWF was conceived.
  • First President

    First President
    In September of 1961, Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands became the first president of the organization.
  • Going National

    Going National
    Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, became president of the first national organization(British National Appeal) of the WWF.
  • Logo

    The WWF officially gets its first logo which is a giant panda.
  • First Scientist

    First Scientist
    The WWF hires its first scientist, Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy.
  • Not just Animals

    Not just Animals
    The WWF starts doing work besides saving animals, they start helping by national parks and reserves
  • The Getty Prize

    The Getty Prize
    The WWF begins to give away the annual Getty Prize for Wildlife conservation.

    The WWF and IUCN create TRAFFIC, a monitor to ensure that animals trading can hurt the animal species.
  • WWF and Apple

    WWF and Apple
    The WWF and Apple make a project boosting forestry management and FSC-certified forestland in China.
  • Apps For Earth

    Apps For Earth
    The Apple and WWF project "Apps for Earth" in 10 days generates 8 million dollars in revenue and increased people's awareness.
  • Period: to

    WWF Timespan

    From the start to current time.