World war 1 and behind

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  • Schrecklichkeit- German killing

    " frightfulness". German troops shot and killed 150 civilian at aerschot. It was a part of schrecklichkeit. its purpose was to terrify civilian so they wouldn't rebel
  • Little willie

    Little willie
    It was the first prototype tank in WW1. It carried crew of three and could travel as fast as 3mph(4.8km/hr)
  • Great migration

    Great migration
    It was the first large urban black communities to take an adventage of the work shortage
  • Soldier who can never sleep again

    Soldier who can never sleep again
    A soldier get sHot in his frontal lobe. It caused abnormalitiy in his brain and he could not ever sleep again
  • Henry ford

    He mad the first assembly line
  • Influenza epidemic

    Influenza epidemic
    It was called Spanish influenza because span suffered the most of it
  • Sedition act

    Sedition act
    Under this act it was forbidden to say negative things about either the war or the government. People who are convicted to doing any of these revived a sentence in jail for 5 to 20 years.
  • 14 point speech

    Wilson proposed the removal of economic barrier between nation award that would granted the political independence and territorial integrity of great and small states alike
  • 19 amendment

  • Men must fight

    Men must fight
    It is a movie and the story goes that a women's love died in the war and she had to raise him as a pacifist and then the second war started.
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    Lein lead Russian revolution

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    WW1 timeframe

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    The ship was U-boated by the German navy. Prior to the attack the German navy had sunk 3 British vessels and several other south of Ireland. The captain of the Lusitania was warmed but he kept preceding with his plan.
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    First women elected in congress---- Jeabbette Rankin*****

    Rankin was the only one from both houses to vote against the declaration of Japans war. 24 years after her first term she get elected to do a second one in congress.
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    Selective service act****

    This act gave the united states the power to draft young men to fight in the war. It was declared by Woodrow Wilson.
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    Espionage act of 1917****

    This act prohibited publishing act of interference with foreign relationship and foreign commerce of the U.S.