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world war 1

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Timeline small square causes of world war 1 the four causes of world war 1 were militaryism alliance system nationlism and imperalism militaryism was building up your military.alliance system is countries making alliances with other countries.nationlism is taking pride in your country and fighting for your country.imperalism is countries extending ther political and military power to weaker nations
Timeline small square assissnation of franz assination of franz fernaiond The arch duke was killed by a group called the black hand and they killed him because of the things he planned to do when got into power which was federalism which is a country of 16 states he was shot in the neck and his wife in the stomach.
Timeline small square allies VS central powers Allies-britain france russia and later on in the war USA
Central powers-germany ottaman empire italy austria hungrey
Timeline small square british blockade british blockadebritish blockadethe british blockade was patroling the north sea for merchant ships thought to go to enemy shores and would not allow them to pass this caused the germans to starve and to not have enough suppiles for the war and farmers couldn't grow there crops because they didn't have fetilizer
Timeline small square trench warfare conditions in trenches were very good there were rats in the trenches you could get trench foot if you didnt wear your boots and could get lice and if you stood up you could get shot by a sniper
Timeline small square Fighting begins fighting beginsallied forces land in galliopil,turkey and fight of german forces and posian gas was used for the first time by the germans
Timeline small square lusitania lusitania lusitaniathe lusitania was travel out to sea and when it neared a war zone off the coast of great britian it was shot at by a german U-boat many people died including some americans 1,198 people died the side thats to blame could be the germans because they cant control all of the sea
Timeline small square new weapons some new weapons used in world war I was mustard gas which was poisons gas that you would throw at the enemy but depending of the wind in could come back at you. Another new weapon used in world war I was the tank and this could be effitive in open fields but could get stuck in rocky terrian.
Timeline small square Great migration the great migration was aficain americans moving to cities and the cities they moved to were chicago new york and detroit because they wanted to escape farming
Timeline small square election of 1916 In the election of 1916 woodrow wilson won because in his last presidency he had keep americans netrual in ww1 and promised to do that in his next preisdency
Timeline small square zimmermann note zimmermann notewas a document sent to mexico offering them land in exchange for them joining the germans in ww1 and they also stated that they would start using unrestriced submarien warefare
Timeline small square America joins the fight america joined the fight because because the germans started using unrestricted warfare and also because the lustiania and because of the zimmerman note
Timeline small square womans roles some of the roles woman had during the war was replaceing men when they went of the service also joining the red cross to help the wounded during the fight and taking the mens roles at home
Timeline small square CPI CPI stands for committee of public information the leader of the committee was greg creel some examples of this were people on the committee getting people to like the involment in the war effort
Timeline small square selective service act was a military draft that was used in world war I that was put into place by preisdent wilson
Timeline small square espionage and sedition ace gave the government power to arrest anyone who threaten national security also it took away americans rights and you would have to pay fines in you spoke out against the govrnment
Timeline small square scheinck VS united states was a court case that went to the surprme court and it was over the espionge and sedition act because schenick thought it violated the freedom of speech and suprume court ruled against him and he had to go to prison for it
Timeline small square WIB WIBThe wib is the war industrie board which was established to persuded companies to make more war products and matrials that were nesscary for war the leader of the board was bernard barch
Timeline small square 14 points the 14 points was a doucument that woodrow wilson came up with and it talk about first elimateing the causes of world war one and then takled about world peace and tradeing with countries. it also helped form the league of nations
Timeline small square League of nations was a place where countries could settle there differces without fighting or if they were fighting could go and other countries would help them
Timeline small square final stats the dealth toll was 5.7 milion and the money spent was 22,625,253
Timeline small square Map the changes in land after the war were that there some new countries and differt borders and some countries lost land and others gained land
Timeline small square armistice armisticearmistice countries agreeing to stop fighting one another in this war there was differt armistice for differt countries
Timeline small square Big 4 the members of the big 4 were france USA united kingdom and italy the leaders were the leaders of the four country
Timeline small square treaty of versis the treaty ended world war one and some of the conditions were germany had to pay the allies and also they couldnt have an army and they lost land