Women suffrage

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In History
  • The World Anti-Slavery Convention

    The World Anti-Slavery Convention
    -Held in london
    -Abolitionists Lucretia mott and elizebeth cady stanton attended but they are barred from participating in the meeting
    -Snub decided to holf Women's Rights Convention When they return to america.
  • Womens Right Convention

    Womens Right Convention
    -300 people attended first women rights convention in seneca falls
    -Stanton authors the Declaration of sentiments which sets the agenda for decades of women's activism.
  • The Eleventh National Women's Right Convention

    The Eleventh National Women's Right Convention
    -Eleventh National Women rights conventithe first since the beginning of the civil war is held in New York City.
    -Its was now called The American Equal Rights Association.
  • The 14th Amendment

    The 14th Amendment
    -the 14th amendment was made.
    -granted slaves the right to vote.
    -The amendment speciefies the word "male" officially excluding women's suffrage.
    -Anthony and Stanton are outraged.
  • The 15th amendment

    The 15th amendment
    -Its ratified.
    -gender-neutral language appears to grant women to vote, women who go to the polls to test the amendment are turned away.
  • The National and American Associations.

    The National and American Associations.
    -Went from the National And American Association to The National American Woman Suffrage Association.
    -Stanton becomes the new organizations first president.
  • Anthony's retirement

     Anthony's retirement
    she retired from being the president of the National America Women Suffrage Association.
  • The Senate

     The Senate
    ''Susan B. Anthony's"Amendment voted but does not pass
  • Ninteenth Amendment passed.

    Ninteenth Amendment passed.
    The house finnaly enfrachises women. !9th Amenedment passed .
  • American women win full voting rights.

    American women win full voting rights.
    women after long years you have the right to vote.