Women suffrage

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400px the anti slavery society convention, 1840 by benjamin robert haydon The World Anti-Slavery Convention -Held in london
-Abolitionists Lucretia mott and elizebeth cady stanton attended but they are barred from participating in the meeting
-Snub decided to holf Women's Rights Convention When they return to america.
Postcard%20photo%20women%20meeting Womens Right Convention -300 people attended first women rights convention in seneca falls
-Stanton authors the Declaration of sentiments which sets the agenda for decades of women's activism.
Evt110214151700080 The Eleventh National Women's Right Convention -Eleventh National Women rights conventithe first since the beginning of the civil war is held in New York City.
-Its was now called The American Equal Rights Association.
14amendment The 14th Amendment -the 14th amendment was made.
-granted slaves the right to vote.
-The amendment speciefies the word "male" officially excluding women's suffrage.
-Anthony and Stanton are outraged.
Slide5 The 15th amendment -Its ratified.
-gender-neutral language appears to grant women to vote, women who go to the polls to test the amendment are turned away.
Officersth The National and American Associations. -Went from the National And American Association to The National American Woman Suffrage Association.
-Stanton becomes the new organizations first president.
Gs03 Anthony's retirement she retired from being the president of the National America Women Suffrage Association.
1919.07.17eaphpredictssuccesssltelegramp16 The Senate ''Susan B. Anthony's"Amendment voted but does not pass
19thamend20 Ninteenth Amendment passed. The house finnaly enfrachises women. !9th Amenedment passed .
Usa ballot box American women win full voting rights. women after long years you have the right to vote.