William Wilberforce

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Timeline William Wilberforce born William Wilberforce is born in Kingston Upon Hull, 24th August 1759. He lived with his father, Robert wilberforce and mother, Elizabeth Wilberforce. He was an only child.
Timeline MP for Hull then Yorkshire Wilberforce became MP for Hull and then later on represented Yorkshire. This is significant because Wilberforce was one of the few MPs' who voted to stop the slave trade.
Timeline Abolition Speech On the 12th may 1789, William Wilberforce delivered his speech to the House of Commerce in London and addressed all the major issues around the slave trade. This speech helped make the slave trade eventually come to an end
Timeline Slave Trade finally ends On the 2nd March 1807 the U.S Congress agrees to end the Slave Trade on the 1st January 1808. This did not free those who were already slaves but was one of the most important event in the Worlds' History.
Timeline William Wilberforce Died William Wilberforce died in London on the 29th July 1833. He was married to Barbara Spooner and three boys and one girl.
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