William Lloyd Garrison

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Timeline Birth Newburyport, Massachusetts
0 Embargo Act Congress passes Embargo Act; Garrison family falls on hard times.
Timeline Abandoned William's father deserts the family. (Exact date unknown)
Index Newburyport Herald William begins working for the Newburyport Herald as a writer and editor. (Exact date unknown)
Sd National Philanthropist William starts working for the National Philanthropist with Benjamin Lundy. (Exact date unknown)
Memcertf American Colonization Society Joined an "abolistion movement" called the American Colonization Society--broke away from the group later after finding out that most of the group's intential purpouse was to actually preserve slavery. (Exact date unknown)
Liberator harrison The Liberator 1st issue date published----Boston, Massachusetts
Timeline New Enlgand Antislavery Society William helped form this organization.
(exact date unknown)
Timeline American Antislavery Society Garrison had a lot of new supporters and founded his own organization called the American Antislavery Society.
(exact date unknown)
Tools slavetrade gallery 06 American Foreign and Antislavery Society. Defectors formed their own rival organization(s). (exact date unknown)
Freddoug Publically Speaking Garrison and former slave Frederick Douglas made a series of 40 anti-Union speeches in the Alleghenies. (exact date unknown)
Timeline The Constitution Publicly burned a copy of the Constitution because it permitted slavery. (exact date unknown)
Emancipation proclamation broadside 2 Emancipation Proclamation President Abraham Lincoln passes the Emancipation Proclamation.
Timeline The Thirteenth Amendment William lived to see this amendment pass years before his final days.
Timeline Death New York City , NY
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Death New York City , NY