Western European Front 1942-1945

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  • Deportations from Lodz to Chelmno

    Deportations from Lodz to Chelmno
    Jews and Romas Gypsies from the Lodz ghetto are departed to Chelmno by German authorities. about 145,000 Romas and Jews are killed by SS Special Detachment Lange while at Chelmno.
  • Auschwitz - Birkenam Camp Established

    Auschwitz - Birkenam Camp Established
    A second camp is opened named Auschwitz II. It served as a concentration camp as well as a killing center. The prisoners were mostly soviet prisoners and also Polish prisoners.
  • Germany Destroys Lidice

    Germany Destroys Lidice
    The village was set on fire and all buildings were destroyed. All men over the age of 16 were shot by German units. Woman and children were taken to camps. This became a symbol of just how barbaric NAZI's were.
  • German Defeat at Stalingrad

    German Defeat at Stalingrad
    Soviet army launches an attack right back at Germany by encircling them. Germans are forced to surrender at Stalingrad. The Soviet army gained confidence and this became a turning point that ended German victories.
  • Sobibor Uprising

    Sobibor Uprising
    Jewish prisoners helped captive in Sobibor get together to conduct an armed revolt. 300 of the prisoners escape. 100 prisoners are recaptured and killed. Selma hides in a barn and writes about her experiences.
  • FDR and Henry Morgenthau Jr. have a meeting

    FDR and Henry Morgenthau Jr. have a meeting
    The two men meet to discuss about rescuing Jews in Europe. Henry proclaimed how upset he was that the states weren't doing anything to hep stop this.
  • D-Day

    US, British, and Canadian troops land on Normandy beaches after fooling Germany as to where the attack would be. Allied armies encircled and defeated Germany in Normandy.
  • Attempt to Assassinate Hitler

    Attempt to Assassinate Hitler
    A German military officer, Colonel Claus Schenk von Stauffenberg tried to kill Hitler in his headquarters at Rastenburg. A bomb was planted in a suitcase. The idea behind this was that if Hitler was assassinated an anti-Nazi revolt would occur.
  • Hitler commits suicide

    Hitler commits suicide
    Soviet forces head to Hitler's command bunker in central Berlin. Adolph Hitler kills himself. This even foreshadows what is to come for Germany.
  • German Surrender

    German Surrender
    Soviet armies encircle Germany in Berlin. Soviets forces and America work together to attack central Germany. After having fallen to Soviet Forces and Hitlers death Germany surrenders.
  • WWII Ends

    WWII Ends
    Japan Surrenders. The surrender was signed in Tokyo. Representatives from all over the Allied nations where in attendance of the signing. This officially ended WWII.
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    Western European Front