War Of The Roses timeline

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Timeline 22nd May, 1455 War of the Roses May 22, 1455: The First Battle of St. Albans was the start of Civil war in England called the Wars of the Roses.
Timeline 10th Jul, 1460 War of the Roses Battle of Northampton, on July 10, 1460: The Yorkist army under Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick (the Kingmaker) captured King Henry
Images %281%29 1st Oct, 1460 War of the roses (dont know the day) October 1460 the Act of Accord: Richard, Duke of York was named as successor to the throne, disinheriting Henry's six year old son Prince Edward
Timeline 4th Mar, 1461 War of the roses March 4: Edward of York was declared King Edward IV in London
Timeline 3rd Oct, 1470 War of the roses 3 October 1470, Readeption of Henry VI: Henry VI was briefly restored to the throne of England
Images %282%29 1st Dec, 1470 war of the roses( dont know the day) December 1470: Prince Edward was married to Anne Neville, Warwick's younger daughter
Timeline 14th Apr, 1471 War of the roses Battle of Barnet -14 April: King Edward IV wins the battle and Warwick is killed
Download %281%29 4th May, 1471 War Of The Roses Battle of Tewkesbury – May 4: King Edward IV wins a decisive victory and the Lancastrian male line are virtually destroyed. Edward, Prince of Wales was one of those who were killed.
Timeline 22nd May, 1471 War of the Roses May 22, 1471: The death of King Henry VI at the Tower of London. The cause of his death is unknown, but he is believed to have been murdered.
Timeline 9th Apr, 1483 War of the Roses King Edward IV died: April 9, 1483 at Westminster
Download %282%29 16th Jun, 1483 War of the Roses 16th June 1483: The coronation of Edward V was cancelled
Timeline 25th Jun, 1483 War of the Roses June 25 1483: Parliament declared the two little princes illegitimate and, as next in line to the throne, their uncle and Protector, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, was declared the true King. The two little Princes in the Tower were never seen again
Timeline 26th Jun, 1483 War of the Roses 26 June 1483: Richard, Duke of Gloucester was declared King Richard III
Timeline 9th Apr, 1484 War of the Roses April 9 1484: Edward of Middleham, also known Edward Plantagenet the only son of King Richard III of England died suddenly, cause unknown
Download %283%29 22nd Aug, 1485 War of the Roses Battle of Bosworth Field 22 August 1485: King Richard lll was killed and his supporters defeated at the Battle of Bosworth Field in Leicestershire against Lancastrian forces led by Henry Tudor.