US history 1600 to 1877

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Images%5b1%5d Jamestown Settlement Begins
220px the mayflower compact 1620 cph 3g07155 Mayflower Compact Signed The mayflower compact is one of the most important events because it was the first constitutional document in America. It established the concept of self government.
Stampact Stamp Act The Stamp Act helped form America by pushing the colonies to rebel because they were being taxed with out representation.
Teaparty6 Boston Tea Party The Boston Tea Party was important to America because it got the colonies to start to rebel against Britian.
Timeline Battle of Lexington and Concord
Trumbull t Declaration of Independence Signed The signing of the Declaration of Independence was important because it announced the colonies independence from Britan and established our basic rights.
Saratoga Battle of Saratoga The Battle of Saratoga was a top ten event because this battle was the turning point in the Revolutionary War.
Cornwallis Surrender of Cornwallis
Federalist Federalist Papers The Federalist Papers were important because they shaped the constitution and built support for the ratification of the constitution.
We the people US Constitution Ratified The Constitution is important to history because it set up the governmental system that we still use today.
Washingtongeorge George Washington Elected First President
564px bill of rights pg1of1 ac Bill of Rights Ratified The ratification of Bill of Rights was important and deserves to be in the top ten because it protects our rights as free people living in America.
Ct000654t Louisiana Purchase This was one of the most important events to U.S. history because it doubled the U.S. in size at that time.That was important because it ensured The U.S. would be the dominant in America.
Timeline Nullification Crises
Trail%20of%20tears Trail of Tears
Texas annexation Annexation of Texas
Timeline Kansas-Nebraska Act
Secedes South secedes from Union
Emancipation proclamation Emancipation Proclamation The Emancipation Proclamation was imprortant because it proclaimed the freedom of slaves in the U.S.
Civil%20war%20over Civil War Ends The ending of the Civil War was significant because it brought the states together again.
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US History 1600 to 1877