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Car Exposition 1: Background Lyle Edjit is driving Turtle to Key West to live with her Aunt Minnie while her mother works.
1935 Exposition 2: Setting The setting is summer 1935 in Key West, Florida, where Turtle's relatives live on Curry Lane.
Shirley Exposition 3: Characters Turtle - a hard-headed, Shirley-Temple-hating, little girl
Beans - Turtle's eldest cousin and co-founder of the Diaper Gang
Ira - founder of the Diaper Gang and Beans' friend
Kermit - a sickly and intelligent boy, the second eldest cousin of Turtle's
Porkchop - Beans' best friend and accomplice
Buddy - the youngest of the cousins, who wets his pants frequently
Aunt Minnie - a militant lady, who is also Turtle's aunt
Nanna Philly - Turtle's long lost grandmother
Miss Bea - Nanna Philly's nurse
Bh Exposition 3: Characters (continued) Sadiebelle - Turtle's mother, Nanna Philly's daughter, Minnie's sister, and hopeless romantic
Archie - Sadiebelle's new husband
Slowpoke - Turtle's employer and friend
Ollie - Slowpoke's first mate
Too Bad - a "friend" of Beans' and wannabe Diaper Gang member
Th Rising Action: Conflict After Turtle hangs around Key West for awhile, she gets a job working for Slowpoke to buy a house for her momma and Archie.
Miami Rising Action 2 Ira returns from Miami and Turtle starts eating lunch with Nanna Philly.
Smokey Rising Action 3 Turtle gives her cat, Smoky, to Nanna Philly after becoming friends with her grandmother.
Pudding Rising Action 4 Turtle helps the guys take care of neighborhood babies, who won't stop crying.
Boat Rising Action 5 Turtle falls in the ocean and is saved by Slowpoke, while they're on the boat looking for sea sponges.
Piano Rising Action 6 Smokey falls into Nanna Philly's really old piano in the parlor.
Map Rising Action 7 In the piano, Turtle spots a box. In the box is a map leading to Black Caesar's treasure.
Map Rising Action 8 Turtle debates on whether to show the boys the map.
Tbc Rising Action 9 Turtle shows the map to the boys and they agree to hunt for the treasure and split the findings equally.
Her Rising Action 10 Turtle and the guys steal someone's boat and head off to the Keys to look for the treasure.
Anchor Rising Action 11 Turtle's crew of people finds the treasure! Then Porkchop and Beans get into a fight after being stranded because Porkchop didn't throw the anchor properly so it would stay.
Zoom Climax/Turning Point After a day of being stranded, a hurricane strikes.
Week Falling Action 1 Turtle and the gange have been on the key for a couple days.
Hug Falling Action 2 Ollie and Slowpoke find the kids and bring them back to Key West.
Cuba Falling Action 5 Archie runs away with Turtle's part of the treasure to Cuba, leaving Sadiebelle and Turtle alone in Key West.
Ring Falling Action 4 Sadiebelle and Archie arrive and announce their marriage.
Imagescano3k2t Falling Action 3 When the kids get back to the mainland, there is a celebration of their return.
Sdfgh Resolution 1 Too Bad gets into the Diaper Gang.
Home Resolution 2 Turtle and her mom decide to live in the Keys.
Peeps Resolution 3 Turtle is offered a position in the Diaper Gang, but turns it down because she does not like babies.