Turning Point: Aurora Theater Shooting

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Timeline Chardon High School Shooting A former student at Chardon High School opened fire, killing three students and injuring six. All of these shootings were caused from sicknesses in the mind. All the shooters from different shootings had come from harsh backgrounds and were 3rd class citizens. Innocent people are being killed because these people are doing it out of grees and evilness.
4562 oikos university shooting gunman kills 7 Shootings Before 2013 Within the past 15 years, there have been over 70 shootings in schools. A major shooting that affected several people were affected by was the Okios Unitersity shooting. A 43 year old former student opened fire killing seven and wounding several others. http://www.infoplease.com/ipa/A0777958.html
Shooting 562x421 Turning Point: Shooting Time At 12:38 AM 22 year old Jamel Holmes fired fis 2 Glock 22 handguns followed by Remington 870 Express Tactical shotgun, tear gas, and a Smith & Wesson M&P15 rifle. The tradgic event lasted for seven brutal minuets killing 10 and injuring 58. From 12:38 AM to 12:45 AM, innocent people feared for their lives, loosing loved ones, and protecting others. This was a mass shooting that people are trying to forget.
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Newton shooting Newtown School Shooting After the Aurora Movie Theater Shooting, several other shootings in schools and colleges have happened. The Newton School Shooting is one of those shootings where 27 innocent people were killed including 18 young children.
Newton shooting Newtown School Shooting In the past, people viewed guns as a form of protection from evil. But within these past few years, people have been seeing the true side of guns. The evil side. Guns have been killing innocent people for no good reason. People are finally viewing guns for what they really are.
This picture show how devistated people are when they hear about their loved ones being brutally murdered with the evil effects of guns.
No guns Background Checks on Gun Buyers Due to this shooting and several other shootings around the United States, the presedent Barak Obama has passed the law that all gun buyers must have get background checks before they purchase their gun. If they are not ledigable to purchase a gun, they will not recieve a gun but if they are in the clear, they will recieve a gun with precaution. http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-33816_162-57579452/u.s-gun-control-a-history-of-tragedy-legislative-action/
No guns The Future of Guns I predict that in the future, guns will be banned for good. People are starting to realize that guns are bad and that by adding more guns for more protection is making the matter worse. I predict that there won't even be tazer guns, tear gas, or whips in the future because people will see how weapons are harming the world and the minds of young children.
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From The Day Guns Were Legalised to Now