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  • Hawaii

    When I was 5, my family took a vacation to Maui. This was my first time on a plane. I remeber parts of the trip, but especially when my two older brothers got to bike down the valcano. Unforutnatley I was too young, but enjoyed watching it none the less.
  • Newport

    When I lived in Santa Barbara my freshman year of college I would often visit my brother in Newport. He used to work for the parks so he would take me hiking all through the state parks and reserves. The area is very pretty, watch out for the people though.
  • Minnesota

    I've been to Minnesota quite a few times in my life. My entire dad's side of the family lives there. It's one of those familes where you can't remeber anyone's name because there are so many of them. The last time I went was my senior year in highschool. My uncle Pat has a farm in Sherburn- a small town in the middle of nowhere. I rode ATV's and played golf outside all weekend long. The picture is from the stands at rally car races on a dirt track. My cousin races his rally car.
  • Texas

    In 2009 i traveled to Marfa, Texas with my girlfriend at the time and her family. Marfa is a tiny town hours away from any major city. We had to drive over a hour to the grocery store. What shocked me the most is how beautiful Texas is. Before going I thought of Texas as a boring, flat and ugly place. The landscapes and sunsets I saw are some of the most amazing to this day. I took this picture just driving on a dirt road.
  • Tahoe

    Every year I go with a group of friends to stay at a buddy's cabin in South Lake Tahoe. Needless to say the place is georgous and filled with things to do. We rented Jet Ski's and had a blast on the lake.
  • Chico

    Over the summer I visited friends that attened Chico State. That weekend there was a huge get together on the Sacramento River. Everyone brings tubes and floats down the river. The picture is from a great bar in chico called Crazy Horse. It's a cowboy bar that has a real mechanical bull. It was rad.
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