Timeline of the Black Death

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Jan 1st, 1333
The black death begins The Black Death is first reported in China
*exact date not known
Nov 1st, 1347
The Black Death begins in Europe Nov 1347 The Black Death reaches Italy and quickly preads to other eourpoean countries
*exact date not known
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Jan 1st, 1348
The Black death reaches England *exact date not known
The Black death reached England in the summer of 1348 and makee it to London a few months later
Burning jews  wake of the black death some christians targeted various groups such as jews
Jan 1st, 1349
3,000 Jews killed in Black Death riots in Germany. 3000 jews are killed in Efurt germany as many people belived they were the cause of the plague.
*date not exactly known
Jan 1st, 1350
The Black Beath leaves europe The black death leaves europe for the first time but makes reecurences throught history
*exact date not known
Black death
Jan 1st, 1352
25 million people in europe dead By 1352, 25 million people in Europe had died of the Black death after it had left.
*exact date not known
Black death suffering
Jan 1st, 1361
The black death breaks out again The black breaks out again for the second time 10 years after the first outbreak
*exact date not known
Jan 1st, 1377
Population of Britain estimated at 2,000,000 The population of britian was said to only have around 2 million people left after the Black death killed an estimate of around 30-40% of the population
*exact date not known
Jun 1st, 1381
The peasents revolt The peasents revolt was started by Wat Tyler was one of the many riots and revolts that helped shape our world today. It was caused by the Black Death and the shortage of workers that died from it.
*exact date not known