Timeline of Events in American Westward Expansion

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Timeline Lewis and Clark Expedition The Missouri River and Oregon Territory is explored.
Timeline Erie Canal Opens Erie Canal connects New York city with the Great Lakes.
Timeline Indian Removal Act Grants President Jackson to remove Native Americans living east of the Mississippi River.
Timeline Texas Declares Independence from Mexico Followed by the Texan-Mexican War. (specific date not available)
Timeline Treaty of New Echota Removes all Natives from Florida and leads them on the Trail of Tears.
Timeline Annexation of Texas Texas is now part of the United States.
Timeline The Donner Party The Donner Pary became snowbound in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and had to resort to cannibalism. (specific date unavailable)
Timeline Mormons Move West Lead by Brigham Young, Mormoms settle the Great Salt Lake, eventually founding Salt Lake City. (specific date unavailable)
Timeline Gold Discovery in California Followed by more than 80,000 people moving to California in search of gold.
Timeline United States Pays for More Land The USA pays Mexico $15 million dollars for the areas of Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, and parts of Colorado. (specific date unavailable)
Timeline California Becomes a State California is now officially part of the United States.
Timeline First Productive Oil Well First oil well is drilled in Pennsylvania by Edwin Drake.
Timeline First Transcontinental Telegraph Faster and more reliable communication across great distances.
Timeline Homestead Act Gave free farms to families based on family size. The only requirement was residence for a fixed period of time.
Timeline Transcontinental Railroad The Transcontinental Railroad is completed connecting the East coast with the West coast.
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