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Timeline of Educational Philosophers

Timeline created by mathnunnies in History
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Socrates small square 1st Jan, 0200 Socrates Born (470 BC to 399 BC) The Wisdom of Socrates Video Encyclopedia Channel Video on Socrates
Plato small square 1st Jan, 0225 Plato (427 BC to 347 BC) Encyclopedia Channel Video on Plato Three Minute Philosopher Video on Plato
Aristotle small square 1st Jan, 0250 Aristotle (384 BC to 322 BC) Aristotle Video - Part 1 Aristotle Video - Part 2
Augustine small square 1st Jan, 0354 St. Augustine (354 to 430) St Augustine Introduction Video Biography of St. Augustine St. Augustine's Life on the Silver Screen
Erasmus small square 1st Jan, 1466 Erasmus (1466 to 1536) Erasmus Video - Part 1 Erasmus Video - Part 2 (on Thomas More)
Locke small square John Locke (1632 to 1693) John Locke Biography Video Video comparing the philosopher John Locke and John Locke from the TV series Lost
Rousseau small square Jean-Jacques Rousseau (1712 to 1767) Introduction to Rousseau's Views on Education and Emil Yale Lecture on Rousseau and the Nature of Education Videos in foreign languages: Rousseau Video Sua Vida
Macaulay small square Catharine Macaulay (1731 to 1791) Fun Facts about Catharaine Macaulay Video
Dewey small square John Dewey (1859 to 1952) John Dewey: His Life & Work Video The Importance of Dewey in American Education xtranormal video interview with Dewey
Hannah small square Hannah Arendt (1906 to 1975) Hannah Arendt Video (start at 3:30 min.) Hannah Arendt Presentation Hannah Arendt Video Clip from Berlin Museum Hannah Arendt Interview in German with Spanish Subtitles
Greene small square Maxine Greene (1917 to present) Click on the link below, then select the video to watch a speech by Maxine Greene about pedagogy . . . Towards Pedagogy of Thought & Pedagogy Maxine Greene on the Muse
Freire small square Paulo Freire (1921 to 1997) Paulo Freire & Critical Pedagogy An Incredible Conversation Pedagogy of the Oppressed Lecture Series #1 . . .
Lipman small square Matthew Lipman (1923 to 2010) Matthew Lipman Dies at 87 - READ THIS!!! Philosophy for Children BBC Show
Noddings small square Nel Noddings (1929 to present) Nel Noddings Introduction Video Noddings Lecture on Attachment Theory
Matthews small square Gareth Matthews (1929 to 2011) Philosophy for Kids Website Notes from an Interview with Matthews
Martin small square Jane Roland Martin (1929 to present) This is the only video I could find . . . The maker of the video also has a video critiquing the movie The Princess Bride (???) Cultural Miseducation Book Review
Palmer small square Parker J. Palmer (1939 to present) Bill Moyer's Interview of Parker Palmer One Minute Video (Palmer Supports Teachers) Inner Work & the Life of a Teacher
Egan small square Kieran Egan (1942 to present) Kieran Egan's Website Learning in Depth Introduction Video Why Education is Difficult & Contentious Lecture
West small square Cornel West (1953 to present) Check out the photos and videos on his website . . . Cornel West's Website The Colbert Report (January 2011)