Timeline of baby's first year

Timeline created by kariouellettee
Event Date: Event Title: Event Description:
Baby Month 1 -Lifts head and turns it from one side to the other when placed on stomach
-Focuses on objects from about ten inches up to 3 feet away
- Reacts to parents voice
Baby month2 2 Month 2 -Makes sounds such as "ooh" and "aah"
- Watches objects moved about 6 inches away from face
- Responds to more sounds and different pitches of voice
3 month baby Month 3
4 month old baby poses photography Month 4 -Supports upper body on hands when lying on stomach
- Shows preference for red and blue over yellow
- May begin to use vowels and consonants in babbling
- Grasps rattle
- Puts hands in mouth
- Rolls from tummy to back
Sweetp5 Month 5
Martin 707 049sq Month 6
7 month baby develop skills Month 7
12 18 1 Month 8
3610619659 243139948d o Month 9
Baby month10 1 Month 10
Baby month11 1 Month 11
Baby month12 1 Month 12