Timeline of American Literature

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Jun 13th, 1500
Native Cultures in America Native Americans had qualities of humans to landmark formations or inanimate objects. Storytellers were highly valued members of the Native communities. They believed in maintaining and responsible use of the land.
Blue clear cloud landscape sky tree windows 64a67cbb37c067a23de8f21e33157a27 The Sky Tree It was the tree that everyone depended on. It was the only thing that could keep everyone alive, it was like the Tree of Life. When the old chief was dying, his wife had to get to the top of the tree but it split in half and fell into a hole. The water animals know they needed to help, so they created a new island with the pieces of the great tree fell to root.
Puritans Puritans in New England Puritans were a group of English protestants that rose in the sixteenth century. They wanted to eliminate traces of the origins in the Roman Catholic Church. They used the bible as an example for simple, plain styled writing.
Burning house Anne's House Burns In the poem, Anne is thankful of the fact that her house burned down. She knows God took it away for a reason, so she didn't worry at all. She knows God has better things for her in the future. She doesn't want anyone to do anything to the house. She knows it was God's and he can take it away if he wants.
Vex Thanatopsis Thanatopsis is a whole new perspective of death. You don't look at it as such a painful experience, but a better time to be in a better place. You express more about yourself after time is coming.
Cross of snow brenda conrad Cross of Snow Their was a different perspective on this type of nature. It showed death in his eyes, and he saw the same cross that he wore upon his chest. He still feels for his wife that has passed 18 years after his previous wife. After seeing that sign, he still feels as after those years she passed, he still feels as if the time will never change.
Storm06 cabin Outcast of Poker Flat Nature is showing no mercy to the outcast of the poker flat cabin. Their are good and heroic people in the outcast of the society. Some people will be selfish when something bad comes to them.
E9nas1 c10sel 03b Miniver Cheevy In the poem Miniver Cheevy, he missed the swords and battling. He dreamed of the mythical life of ancient greece and battles. He wanted to live that life, because swords and steeds had him so happy.
Harlem renaissance Harlem Renaissance The Harlem Renaissance took in literary, musical, theatrical, and visual arts. Participants seek to take part of "the Negro" apart from the white stereotypes that had influenced black peoples' relationship to their heritage and to each other.
Jazz %28justin%29 Jazz Age Jazz started in New Orleans. It orginally started as a mixture of of blues and marching band music. The twenties was known as the Jazz Age. It covered the binding of African Americans tradition and ideas with the white middle class society.
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Jun 13th, 1500

Native Cultures The Natives were already home to advanced populations of American Indians. Some of the natives were pushed off land when the settlers came, but they got along and helped them too.

Puritanism They saw straight relations in the biblical events in their own lives. Spiritual matters also influenced Puritan government. Puritans believed that people should go freely into agreements applying with the government. The Puritans saw straight relations between the connections and biblical events in their own lives.

Romanticism Romanticism valued feelings over motives and logic. Powers of imagination and individual spirits, and beauty of the world. Romantics provided expression for the arising of the Industrial Revolution.

Realism Realist sought to portray ordinary life and people accurately. A couple of writers based their insights of modern psychology when portraying human behavior. They wanted to make fiction true to life by describing people, situations, and settings.

Modernism Poets took the first step in modernism by experimenting with form and technique. The movements of symbolism and imagism developed. Was first and foremost the visceral reaction against the Victorian culture and aesthetic.