Timeline HS Kelleigh

Timeline created by ermcdonald
  • industrial revolution starts

    time in history of rapid industrial growth
  • industrial revolution ends

    this caused a shift in thought to begin to occur as families came together in urban areas
  • charitable organization society

    this society offered care for the needy
  • us settlement house movement

    movement that led towards not just providing for charities, but also looking at the causes of poverty and initiating change
  • great depression

    resulted in many americans being displaced, disabled, unemployed, homeless, or widowed without financial support
  • social security act of 1935

    provided for retired elders, widows, and children of deceased workers
  • new deal

    focused on offering relief for those in need and recovery from the current crisis
  • department of health & human services (hhs)

    part of the federal government that administers and oversees programs and services concerning health and welfare
  • head start

    a government-funded preschool program that focuses on prparing disadvantaged children for school
  • family and medical leave act (fmla)

    allows full-time employees to take unpaid job-protected leave for family transitions involving close family members, such as spouses, children, and parents