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  • industrial revolution

    in the industrial revolution, the ideology was that your family was the same way you where. if you where poor, or had a mental or physical disability, i was your and your family's fault
  • the charitable organization society

    started by mary richmond, this society offered care for the needy.
  • us settlement house movement

    this movement,founded by jane addams, led the crusade toward not just poverty charity, but also looking at causes of poverty and initiating change.
  • the great depression

    the great depression resulted in many americans being displaced, disabled, unemployed, homeless, or widowed, without finacail support.
  • socail security act of 1935

    this act provided for the retired elderly and widows and dependent children of deceased workers.
  • world war ll

    during world war ll, after the great depression, economic recovery eventually came from manufacturing. post war life in the US made the american dream of financial independence real for many families. the ideological changes of the early part of the century, had changed the way many americans viewed poverty and needs within their communities.
  • department of health and human services(HHS)

    HHS is part of a federal gov. that administers and over sees programs and services concerning health and welfare. programs such as Head Start and Family and Medical Leave act are just a couple of services that have resulted from HHS.
  • Period: to

    history of human services