Timeline Developmental Psychology

Timeline created by april3
  • The First Two Years

    I am born and weight 9 pounds 14 ounces! My parentrs name me April Gay said it sounds nice, probably because it sounds like "April May" mom! My mother is 41 years old and my father is 46. I am born by C-section and the last in line of 11 children.
  • 1 to 2 years - Biosocial and Cognitive, Psychosocial

    BiosociaI: Learned to sit up by myself. I had a big appetite and loved Easter candy.

    Cognitive: I also had a fall at 2 years old where I hit my forehead, there is s still a faint scar there. I thought the bottles on the dresser were pretty and I wanted to get one. It was a pretty serious injury to my forehead. I remember this event.
    Psychosocial: I was already a little anxious I am told.
  • Early Childhood - Biosocial, Cognitive, Psychosocial

    Biosocial: Loved kindergarten, nap time, reading, art. Could jump rope, throw a ball, swing.
    Cognitive: I was learning impulse control. Good reader and good vocabulary.
    Psychosocial: Very shy. Could make friends. Could feel sympathy and empathy,. Was acquiring fears of embarrassment, bugs, being unaccepted, or being dumb.
  • Age 6

    Biosocial: I was a little taller than the average child, but I was also a little thinner making me appear taller.
    Psychosocial: We moved from the place we lived to another city and I met my best friend whom I am still best friends with! I was the new kid and I was shy.

    Cognitive: I was learning that I was not that agile and had trouble figuring out games. I was realizing the differences in all the children. Spelling was already by best subject.
  • Middle Years 6 to 11 Biosocial, Cognitive

    Biosocial: I was thinner than some of the kids. I liked to dress neat and clean. I preferred one-on-one interaction rather than groups.
    Cognitive: I had reasoning but was very influented by what my family said. I had transitive inference. I had long term memory. I did live in poverty. It did not affect my education..
  • 9 years old - Psychosocial

    Psychosocial: My older siblings all moved away so it was just me now. My best friend moved away. We moved from right in the city of Wyandotte to Taylor which was more country at the time. I was raised Catholic and went to Catholic school for 2 years.
  • Adolescence

    Biosocial: I grew and developed. I did not want to do risky things however.
    Cognitive: Middle school I felt invisible. I started to notice boys and they me, but I was too shy to go to funcctions, join things, or get involved much. I was out of sorts and did not know how to act. I was confused and kind of disoriented, but still I did okay. I still liked school. When you are an only child you just have nobody to ask about your oncomfortableness.
  • 16th Birthday - Event

    My 16th birthday my parents forgot my birthday. It was devastatign to me. They apologized, but it was pretty bad because my it was the last birthday my father was alive.
  • Life changing event in Middle School

    Psychosocial: I was not rebellious and did not drink or do drugs or date. My father died on April 12, 1970 and that made me sad and shy and feeling very alone. I believe I became depressed and somewhat withdrawn. I still believed in God so that really helped.
  • High School

    Biosocial: I looked the part of a high school student in body shape and size. My home was not stable nor warm and fuzzy.
    Cognitive: I was struggling to grasp Algebra and never totally did. I find I have a good grasp on foreign language and journalism.
    Psychosocial: I did not have high self esteem or low. I was trying to figue out families worked since I did not have much role modeling for it.
  • 17 - Event

    I joined a cloistered order convent in Fresno, California. I flew my first flight to California where I was met by the nuns and taken to the convent. I left the convent at age 18.
  • Emerging Adulthood - Biosocial and Cognitive

    Biosocial: I took care of my health and worked out by myself.

    Cognitive: As I was becoming moody and more stupified at how to make it in life I did not have the balance of logic and emotion that I should have had. I did not have much experience yet. Still had my religious beliefs that were strong.
  • Emerging Adulthood - Psychosocial

    Psychosocial: In those days girls got married. It was my thoughts that that would solve my issues. I did not have emotional support or stability at home, I was just supposed to know how to live my life. I got a job at 18 and it all felt pointless to me. I could not understand what I was supposed to do.
  • Adulthood - Biosocial

    Biosocial: I got married to a lawyer. I had a child in 1989 and then again in 1990 that passed away right after birth. In 1995 I had a daughter full -term and healthy. I did not gain anymore weight than in high school except when pregannt and I took that off within in a year. I am in college at 58 so that is keeping my mind sharp and my future hopeful.
  • Birth of my daughter

    Biosocial: My daughter is born. I am 41 years old. Happiest day of my life! I am a mom!
    Cognitive: Everything has changed as I am a mother. I am interested in stability and future endeavors.
    Psychosocial: I divorce in 2009 and my daughter lives with me. We get a nice little house for her to finish growing in.
  • Adulthood - Cognitive

    Cognitive: I made a good decision to get counseling. I worked hard and long to go over all my issues and my losses. I was a mom and I wanted to be stable and well adjusted and do it right. I was social and trying to make good decisions for my daughter. I was becoming resourceful and balanced.
  • Adulthood - Psychosocial

    Psychosocial: I became stronger and better adjusted. I god a divorce at thist date and moved into a home with my daughter and the cat. We were happy about this as I left an abusive relationship. It did devastate me financially, but it was worth the emotional gains. I have many friends and feel quite content.
  • Late Adulthood

    Psychosocial: Began college. Discovered I was good at it and really liked it. Realized my daughter was a different person. Began to discover I wanted to do what I had always wanted to do become a social worker.
    Cognitive: I think working full time as a medical transcriptionist kept my brain very active and the fact that I am a reader and word person.

    Biosocial: I began jogging earnestly for 4 to 5 miiles a day 5 days a week. I became even more active in nutrition than normal.
  • Death and Dying

    According to lthe life expectancy chart I will die at age 89 years. I hope I have done well by others. I hope I am still healthy enough so nobody has to take care of me. I hope I am loved, trusted, and thought of as having character and being ethical.