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Jan 1st, 1000
First use of the noun: Engineer The word engineer roots back to around 1000-1200 AD. The word was used to describes a person who works on catapults, assault towers, and battering rams. The root of this word comes from "in genere" meaning "to create. Engineers in that time period stretched from europe to the far east of china.
Jan 1st, 1450
Johanne Gutenberg Creates first printing press In 1450 Johanne Gutenberg printed thef first book. Creating the printing press but a huge impact on the world. Books began being mass produced, newspapers, bibles, even bills. The printing was definitly in the top inventions of the last millenium,
V3100052 steam engine designed by james watt spl James Watt creates first Model Steam Engine In 1760 James Watt created the first model steam engine James Watt created this machine to pump water out of coal mines. James Watt with the help of Matthew Boulton created hundreds of steam engines to be mass produced throughout to world.
Humphrydavy Sir Humphry Davy discovers potassium In 1807 Sir Humphry Davy discovered potassium. Potassium was the first alkali metal discovered by electrolysis. Sodium was also discovered in the same year by Davy. Davy went on to discover Calcium in 1808. Davy throughout his life, working with electrolysis, discovered: Magnnesium, Boron, and Barium
Volta firstbattery Alessandra Volta created first battery In 1827 Alessandra Volta created the first battery by putting to metals together with moisture in betweens. Came to be known as the Voltaic Pile. It consisted of coppar and zinc disks piled on top of eachother with a moistened cloth in between.
Michael faraday Michael Faraday first presented magnetic induction In 1831 Michael Faraday first presented magnetic induction. Electromagnetic Induction is the production of an electric current across a conductor, moving through a magnetic field. Faraday's law of induction predicts how a magnetic field interacts with an electric current to produce an electromotive force.
Shield American society of civil engineers formed in 1857. In 1852 twelve engineers met together and formed the American Society of Civil Engineers. The American Society of Civil Engineers was the first society of engineers formed in America. Architecture was included in the society but was dropped in 1857 when the American institute of architecture was formed. Today the American Society of Civil Engineers has twelve different divisions.
Imageview.php Alexander Parkes demonstrates first use of plastic In 1862 Alexander Parkes demonstrated his product of plastic. He called it Parkesine. An organic material was derived from cellullose when heated could be molded.
220px alexander graham bell In 1875 Alexander graham bell created the first telephone In 1875 Alexander Graham Bell created the first telephone. Bell and Joseph henry used an electric multi-reed aparatus to send and recieve the human voice. Discovered only one reed was needed. In 1876 The patent Bell applied for was accepted.
3792919082 ea5301da7d z Karl Benz creates first boxer engine In 1896 Karl Benz created the first boxer engine. A boxer engine is an internal combustion engine that uses multiple pistons to move on a horizontal plane. He patented this design in 1896, and began producing automobiles
Arco idaho First Nuclear City In 1954 the first town was town was ran on solely nuclear power. Arco Idaho was the first town to be ran on nuclear power. It is twenty miles away from a nuclear power plant, and takes its power from a nuclear reactor.
Iss International Space Station The first two modules of the International Space Station are joined together in orbit on December 5 by astronauts from the Endeavour. Astronauts connect cables between the two modules from the United States and Russia open the hatches between the two spacecraft.