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Robin%20hood. 1st Jan, 1160 Robon Hood Robin Hood
Legend has it Robin Hood lives in Sherwood.
Shakespeare 1st Jan, 1564 William Shakespeare Find about SakespeareFor all his fame and celebration William Shakeespeare remains mysterious
Guy%20fawkes 13th Apr, 1570 Guy Fawkes Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes was born in Yorkshire.He had been fighiting for Italy for 7 years.
Jenner Edward Jenner about JennerHe whent to school when he was eight years old.
He loved playing in the countyside.
Churchill winston Winston Churchill ChurchillWinston Churchill was priminister during world war 2
Oueen%20elizabeth%20ii Queen Elizebeth II was born Find about the Queen the Queen has two middle names which are Alexandra and Mary.
Lennon tough John Lennon lennonJohn Lennon played for the beatles and became very famous.