The Seven Age of Man by Aivy Derry

Timeline created by derryab1
  • The Infant

    The Infant
    Newly born into the world, swaddled into the nurses arms. Crying and vomitting all the time.
  • The Whinning School Boy

    The Whinning School Boy
    The infant has grown into a young boy who is unwilling to go to school.
  • The Lover

    The Lover
    A lover who is lost in his thoughts of love.
  • The Soldier

    Physically fit and mentally fit for combat. Fierce, aggresive, and short tempered in nature.
  • The Judge

    The Judge
    Matured and full of wisdom, the family man becomes a judge. He has an authoritative look, but also fair and advices people.
  • The Old Man

    The Old Man
    The man who has grown old, seen in pantaloons and spectacles. His voice has weakened into trembles as he talks.
  • The Senile Man

    The Senile Man
    The senile man who has grown too old and loses his teeth, his vision, and his hearing. The man soon exits the stages of his life forever.