The Origins of Cold War

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  • Tehran Conference

    Related to Polish Issue : USSR absorbing eastern Poland and Poland gaining part of East Germany.
  • Morgenthau Plan

    German Qns: Endorsed by US which advocates the de-industrailisation of Germany. However, by 1946 US realised the importance of Germany as lynchpin to European economy. Difference in war aims to USSR, led to possible breakdown in cooperation.
  • Pecentages Agreement

    Pecentages Agreement
    Polish Issue : Part of the Moscow Conference, W.Churchill and Stalin agreed over the percentages of influence in Greece, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria. Caused misunderstanding as Stalin thought the West could understand his security concerns with the unofficial agreement.
  • Yalta Conference

    Polish Issue: US rejected the revision of Polish borders. Stalin signed the Declaration of Liberation Europe which pleged free elections and democratic institutions, however in the end only 2 London Poles were added into Lublin Committee(tokenism) and free elections not held in Poland
  • Stop of reparations to USSR

    German Qns : General Clay, commander in chief in American Zone, stop the dispatch of reparations to SOviet Zone
  • Creation of Bi-zone

    Creation of Bizone btw US and Britain.
  • Creation of Trizone

    German Qns: French joins the British and the US to form the trizone without USSR
  • Marshall Plan

    US giving $13 billion to rebuild European economies, so as to act as a market for US goods and contain communism in poverty. Soviets send 100 man delegation to discuss about the plan but failed in talks -> breakdown in cooperation btw US and USSR.
  • Berlin Blockade

    Due to introduction of DeutscheMark in the West Germany, Stalin intepreted the move as the signal of the establishment of a new Germany. Soviet forces thus halted all railroads and traffic btw the 3 zones and Berlin. Shows microcosm of division in Europe.
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    The Origins of Cold War