The Middle East

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  • 325

    Council of Nicea

    Council of Nicea
    The council of Nicea came together with the question, is Jesus Christ and God the same person, spirit, and so on. One man said that he was because how could he not be, being able to bring back life to the non-living, and make the sick, not ill anymore. This was significant because many religions believe in Jesus and God and it was a biblical acceptance that they were the same person. Depending on what you believe. Nicea is very close to Jerusalem, it is in the middle east, and very important.
  • Jan 1, 1099

    Kingdom of Jerusalem

    Kingdom of Jerusalem
    Jerusalem was a Christian religion based place in 1099 after the first crusade. It was a Christian civilization for almost 200 years, when the Mamluks came and destroyed Acre, the last possession for the Christians. This is significant because many wars are fought over the control over Jerusalem because of the Biblical events that occurred there, and also very important in the Christian religion. Christ being crucified as one.
  • Dec 1, 1099

    Seige of Jerusalim

    Seige of Jerusalim
    The Jews and Muslims fought with each other to defend the “Holy Land” which is now known as Jerusalem. They fought against the Franks. The Jews and Muslims were not successful in the defending. This is a significant event because the control over Jerusalem changed. There were many other Crusades over this time period. This is significant because of the religious sights that happened, like Jesus Christ being crucified, and the change of control.
  • Jan 1, 1347

    Black Death

    Black Death
    A ship carrying citizens from Caffa were escaping to find new land and brought along with them the Black Death. This is a significant event because Caffa is like a pathway between england and The Middle East. It is a Turkish Ship port. When they brought over the Black Death, the plague spread like wildfire and wiped out many people living in the Messina area, this is where the ship had landed in. Messina is on the island of Sicily, Italy. It is also significant because the death toll.
  • May 27, 1453

    Fall of Constantinople

    The capital of Byzantine was attacked by the Ottoman Empire because they wanted to gain control of this city basically because of its position of the middle east. The city was defended by around 7000 people who began to fight back against the Ottoman Empire. They were not successful in their defense of Constantinople because they were killed and the Ottoman Empire took over Constantinople. This is significant because the control over the city was changed and the Byzantine empire was finally over
  • Muhammad Ali

    Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali went to Egypt as the Viceroy of Egypt for the Ottoman Empire. He basically rebuilt Egypt. This is significant because he tried to develop modern industry there, to make Egypt self sufficient. He also tried to develop a tax system, where they citizens pay taxes on what they buy, and trying to form a government. This later led to the independence from the Ottoman domination of Egypt.
  • Greek Independance

    Greek Independance
    This was started by a war declared on the Ottoman empire by Greece. After a long battle, the independence was gained from the Treaty of Constantinople. The war was won because a lot of other countries joined in with Greece to defeat the Ottomans that had control over Greece. This is significant because it made Greece its own separate country where a government could form, and they could have their own system, and other beliefs without being told what to do or believe by the Ottoman Empire.
  • Suez Canal

    Suez Canal
    A canal was made to go through the middle of Africa. This canal was a big project, and took years to build. This is a significant event because it allowed people to bring ships through the middle of Africa, instead of going all the way around it. It is also important because it brought new civilization to Africa because trade by sea was very popular back then, and was very convenient to live right off of the canal for use of trading goods.
  • Armenian Genocide

    Armenian Genocide
    Armenians were not equal to the Turks because they were the minority there. The Armenians became more and more the minority. They were the only ethnic group besides the Turkish people. When the Armenians asked to be treated equally, Sultan Abdul slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Armenians. This is very significant because it almost wiped out that entire culture so it could not spread anymore throughout the world and culture almost died.
  • Israel Declares Independance

    Israel Declares Independance
    In may, Israel declares itself as a “state”. Both the U.S and the Soviet Union recognized the new state they had declared. The significance of this is because later that year, Arabs, TransJordans, and other nations declared war on Israel because they did not agree it should be a new state. Also, a large number of Jewish immigrants moved to start living there and joined the “Israel Defense Forses”.
  • Iraq-Iran War

    Iraq-Iran War
    The war all started when Iraq decided to invade Iran. They invaded Iran because they wanted to be the leader of the Arab world. They were fighting over Khuzestan, which was an oil rich province. This event is significant to The Middle East and Iran because the War caused many deaths and economic damage. Nearly a half million Iraqi and Iranian soldiers were pronounced dead. A lot more people than that were injured and died soon after. The war did not cause any change in the border.
  • Gulf War

    Gulf War
    This war began because Iraq invaded Kuwait because Kuwait was thought to be part of the Ottoman Empire, and also because Kuwait threatened Iraq to take military actions if Iraq was going to invade them. This led to about 34 nations to be against Iraq. US, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt were just a few countries that helped to flush out the Iraqi troops that Invaded Kuwait. This was significant because it really brought a lot of countries to become allies of Kuwait, and also the economical damage.
  • 9/11

    19 people, mostly from Saudi Arabia, hijacked a total of 4 planes and planned to crash them into the white house, the pentagon, and other destinations. The death toll was very significant. The death toll was over 2900 people. This event was also significant because it lead to the U.S invasion of Afghanistan and possibly Iraq.
  • Gaza War

    Gaza War
    Hamas had an un-official truce with Israel so that they could not fire weapons at one another. This truce was broke by Israel when they decided to air strike a series of tunnels that Hamas was transporting weapons and goods into Hamas. This is significant because it broke the peace between Hamas and Israel, and if Hamas decided to fire back, it could have started a war, resulting in a possible world war.
  • Execution of Suddam

    Execution of Suddam
    Suddam Hussein was given the death sentence after being found guilty. He was hung. He was convicted because of “crimes against humanity”. This is a significant event because this lead to the rise of Iraq because it helped in the building of a new government for Iraq. The government would now not be corrupt, and they could start to support themselves and become an organized country. Before this, the government was corrupt and did not follow the laws, and treated the citizens like crap.