The Lost Boy

Timeline created by schester
  • David Pelzer is born

    David Pelzer is born
    David Pelzer was born into a loving, caring family. He loved his life and especially his mother. He explained her as the most nurturing, loving mom there ever was. The year of his fourth birthday, his life changed completely when his mother became a raging alchoholic.
  • Dave Now Becomes An "It"

    Dave Now Becomes An "It"
    The once happy and joyful childhood Dave had changed the year of his fourth birthday, His mother started drinking more and more until she got so drunk, she abused Dave. David was only four when he was first punched, hit, and slapped. He was crying on the inside, but he knew better not to show his feelings, or his mother would know she won the little "games" she played with him.
  • David's New Start To Life

    David's New Start To Life
    A once beaten up, helpless kid finally gets a new chance at life. His amazing teachers called the police to remove David from the household of the Mother. David is scared at first, but learns to be courageous, brave, and to find what he was supposed to do in this crazy world.
  • A First Real Home

    A First Real Home
    David Pelzer moves into Aunt Mary's foster home. He is thrilled to have a new start at life. He doesn't fit in well with the others, so he moves to a new foster home. David spent about 6-7 months at Aunt Mary's.
  • David's Second Foster Home

    David's Second Foster Home
    David moves into the Cantanzee's foster home. His social worker, Mrs. Gold, helps him discover the meaning of life, and how to overcome your fears. The Cantanzee's foster home seemed perfect for David at first, but he didn't fit in as well as he thought he would. He got into a lof of trouble, such as, riding his bike down with one of the other foster kids and decided to go by The Mother's house. He did that a couple of times, and he got caught, so the court had to move him to another home.
  • David's Third Foster Home

    David's Third Foster Home
    David's third foster parents were the Turnonboughts, who actually ended up adopting David as their own son. He loves them very much and still keeps in touch.
  • A Temporary Home

    A Temporary Home
    Dave stays at Michael and Joanne Nulls' house for a few months, but Michael divorces Joanne because he had no idea that Joanne had signed up to be a foster parents. David left the house a few days after because he couldn't stand her crying or over reacting anymore.
  • The Jones

    The Jones
    Vera and Jody Jones were Dave's foster parents for awhile, until he learned The Mother lives less than a mile away. David made a real friend at the school he attended. He was a Mexican boy, who barely spoke any English. One day, when David got home from school, one of the kids said, "Grab all you're things, were outta' here!" Jody explained that one of the fostered girls accused Jody of molesting her, so they had to hide from the police. That was the end of the Jones' house.
  • Too Much Rock N' Roll

    Too Much Rock N' Roll
    John and Linda Walsh were Dave's foster parents for a few years. Dave loved it there and there were no rules whatsoever. David liked his new life there, but he knew it was too much for him. He missed the Turnonboughts dearly. John was in a band, and they were traveling half the time, so he never got to be with his 'family'. He had new friends, a new life; everything. The only thing that was missing was the loving and caring for eachother. So, he decided to go to the Turnonboughts once again.
  • A Family At Last

    A Family At Last
    Dave finally returns back to the Turnonbought's home. He is reunited with the parents who loved him the most. They finally adopted him just before his 18th birthday. They prepared and taught him how to live on his own and loved every minute and secpond he spent with them. He is now part of a caring family, and he knows he is safe from The Mother now. David Pelzer is finally able to call the Turnonbought';s residence his home.
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