The Life of William Golding

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  • Birth

    William Golding was born on September 19, 1911 In Cornwall England to a suffragette mother and schoolmaster father. (Biography)
  • Attends Brasenose college

    His father sends him here hoping he will become a scientist however, he studies literature (biography)
  • Publishes "Poems"

    In 1934 William publishes his first book which consists of poems, this book is hugely criticized (biography)
  • Golding Becomes Teacher of Philosophy and english

    In 1935 William becomes a Philosophy/English teacher at Bishop Wordsworth's school (biography)
  • William Gets Married

    Married Ann Brookfield in 1939, just one year before he goes to war
  • Joins The Royal Navy to Fight For His Country In WW2

    William halts his teaching and becomes a soldier for the Navy, he is placed on a battleship for the next 6 years (biography)
  • First Child Born

    Golding's first child David was born in 1940 (biography)
  • Golding Returns to Teaching

    In 1945, after WW2 is over, William returns to his teaching job for a while (biography
  • Second Child born

    Judith, William's second child is born in 1945, after he arrives home from war
  • Publishes "Lord of The Flies"

    In 1954 William finally published his first novel called "Lord of The Flies" which has been rejected by many. (biography)
  • William Retires From Teaching

    In 1962, Golding retires from his teaching position. and in the later years he receives many awards for his novel (biography)
  • Film of Golding's Novel is Made

    In 1963, the "Lord of The Flies" Movie is released, Directed by Peter Cook (biography)
  • Awarded the Nobel Prize

    In 1983, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature (biography)
  • Becoming a Knight

    In 1988, The Queen of England, Elizabeth ll honors Golding by Knighting him. (biography)
  • New 'Lord of The Flies" Movie Released

    In 1990, just three years before Golding's death, a new film version of " Lord of The Flies" was released
  • The Death of an Author

    Golding dies from a heart attack in his home city on June 19, 1993 (biography)