The life of the Clines

Timeline created by Ashley Cline
  • I was born into the world

    I was born into the world
    The one thing my mom would tell me was you were better than your brother. I guess that ment I didnt cry as much.
  • I moved from Lansing to Byron Center

    I moved from Lansing to Byron Center
    When I was three months old, I moved from Lansing to Byron Center. As a baby coming to a new area, people always wanted to see me, which made it easy making new friends.
  • I started walking and running

    I started walking and running
    Nine months old was when I started to walk. Soon after, I became a crazy child that would run through my house, grabbing anything that I could.
  • Moving

    When I was two years old I moved to the current house that I am living in now. This gave me the oppertunity to meet all the neighbors and become close with those who are around me.
  • 9/11

    In 2001, the twin towers were taking down by airplanes, killing thousands of people in New York.
  • Going into the School life

    Going into the School life
    At age 4, I began a new life, which included me going to school for the first time. Starting pre-school was life changing. Being around other kids and learning brand new things was something I looked forward to everyday.
  • A second house

    A second house
    When I turned 5, my family decided to build a cottage, Having a house on a lake, gave our family an oppertunity to create wonderful memories with friends and family.
  • Adventures in Disney

    Adventures in Disney
    As a 6 year old girl, my dream was to meet all the princesses. Well in 2004, my dreams came true. As I walk around Disney world, I felt as if I was in all the Disney shows.
  • Played My First Sport

    Played My First Sport
    As a child with a lot of energy, I made the desicion of playing soccer; my first sport ever. Sports became my life.
  • Water sports

    Water sports
    Living on a lake gave me the oppertunity to try different water sports. When I was 8 years old, I learned how to ski! Every since then I continue to do water sports including wakboarding and surfing.
  • 5K

    In 2008, I joined the girls on the run. This was where we ran every day to train for a 5K. Let's just say...I ran through the finish line.
  • President Obama

    President Obama
    The first time in history, the first black president was elected: Barack Obama.
  • Got a dog

    Got a dog
    I always had a dream of getting a dog....I finally got one! I got a chocolate lab named Kyper and I absolutley feel in love with her fromt the first time I saw her.
  • Basketball

    In the year 2011, I decided to play basketball. Lets just say I was terrible. I stuck to it and today I now only play basketball and it has been something I have been involved in ever since.
  • Accident

    For the first time, I got into a tubing acciendnt. The rope cut my arm and made my ear bleed.
  • Man Down

    Man Down
    In 2011 Osama Bin Laden was finally killed after he planned the attack on 9/11.
  • First High School Dance

    First High School Dance
    For a girl, dances are a big thing. I took the whole day to get ready and I was never so excited to go to a dance before!
  • First Car

    First Car
    I got my first car! My first care was a 2009,white Poniac G5 cope. It is such a girls car and I love it so much!
  • Im on th Road

    Im on th Road
    Turning 16 was definitley an excited moment. Being able to drive without your parents is so much better!