The Life of Moctezuma II

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Asdfghjk 1st Jan, 1466 Born Though the exact day and month are not known, Moctezuma II was born in 1466 in Tenochitlan, Mexico
Axayacatl gloria 1st Jan, 1481 Death of Father Moctezuma II's father, Axayacatl, ruled the Aztec Empire from 1469-1481 when he died leaving his brother, Tizoc, to take over the throne.
Vhlfalkfgkjf 1st Jan, 1502 Becoming Emperor In 1502, Moctezuma II became Emperor of the Aztec Empire. Even before he received this position, he was considered a powerful ruler and general. (Exact Date is unknown)
Idkmybffjill 1st Jan, 1509 Birth of Isabel Moctezuma Isabel Moctezuma was the daughter and legitimate heir of Moctezuma II. Her mother was Teotlalco who was also Moctezuma's principal wife. After her father's death, Isabel married her uncle, Cuitláhuac, who then became ruler. Cuitláhuac was Emperor for only 80 days because he died of smallpox.
Cortezmontezuma 1st Jan, 1517 News of Strangers Landing on the Coast Upon learning of the arrival of these new people, Moctezuma believed they were related to the gods. So, the Spaniards were allowed into the Empire without having to fight off the very successful Aztec army.
Cortes 1st Jan, 1519 Cortes Arrives at the Empire As soon as Moctezuma heard the news that Cortes had finally arrived at his Empire, he sent for them and wished to meet with them immediately.
Cortes%20and%20moct. 8th Nov, 1519 Moctezuma II Meets Cortes On this day, Moctezuma II met the Spanish Conquerer Cortes. He thought that these new people were descendants of the gods and, therefore, allowed them into the Empire unchallenged, unaware of their intentions.
Asdrftghjkl 1st Jun, 1520 Leading to Moctezuma's Death Spaniards ordered Moctezuma II to go out onto his balcony and give a speech to his people. He then went on to state in his speech that they should retreat. The story goes that people then proceeded to throw rocks and darts at him which might have caused him to die soon after.
Death 29th Jun, 1520 Died Moctezuma II died during a battle against the Spanish Conquerers, but is very controversal. Opinions vary from him being stabbed by Cortes when he was found useless to the Spanish Conquest, to being killed by a rock thrown by one of his own people.
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1st Jan, 1466
1st Jan, 1502
Trained as a Priest Before becoming Emperor of the Aztec Empire, Moctezuma II trained as a priest. Little is known about this time in Moctezuma's life.