The Life of Alexander Hamilton

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  • The Revolution

    The Revolution
    During the Revolutionary War, Hamilton is placed in charge of the 1st Battalion, 5th Field Artillery Unit, on of the oldest units still to function, by General George Washington. As captain of the unit, he wins many minor battles that contribute to the win of the war. His efforts toward leading his troop to victories helped the morale of all soldiers and contributed to the overall end result of the war, freedom.
  • Hamilton's Role in the Military

    Hamilton's Role in the Military
    Hamilton helped lead the siege on Yorktown in 1781. His tactics helped America win. Because of Hamilton's win at Yorktown, they won the Revolution and their independence.
  • Hamilton helping New York

    Hamilton helping New York
    As a lawyer, Hamilton helped loyalists in New York win their rights in a case called Rutgers vs. Waddington. It was a history making case which led to the creation of judicial review. He also founded the Bank of New York in June 1784, helping New York's economy tremendously.
  • The Trespass Act

    The Trespass Act
    In 1783, New York passes a Trespass Act which helps out people who had their houses seized by the British Tories. Hamilton then a year later(1784) helps with cases that complain about Tories not leaving the state. With that, Hamilton helps a number of people who don't like the Trespass Act, one of the most famous ones was Rutgers versus Waddington.
  • Anti-Slavery

    Hamilton along with other create a group that will try to discontinue the act of slavery. The group would be called the New York Society for Promoting the Manumission of Slaves and there cause was to stop the act but not to show compassion for the people held as prisoners of slavery. This group really helped start the struggle to end slavery and will get really far in the future.
  • The Federalist Papers

    The Federalist Papers
    Hamilton was strong for ratifying the Constitution. To encourage the states to vote for the Constitution, Hamilton wrote 51 of 85 essays known as the Federalist Papers. In addition, he talked for large groups to ensure that the Constitution would be ratified. His efforts ended in his goal, and America adopted the Constitution.
  • Hamilton as Secretary of Treasury

    Hamilton as Secretary of Treasury
    When Washington was elected President, Hamilton was appointed the Secretary of Treasury. In that position, he helped shape the financial condition of the government. He overall helped the weak, young government to become a strong federal government.
  • Central Government versus Individual State Rights

    Central Government versus Individual State Rights
    Hamilton did many things as treasurer, but many of his proposals angered lots of loyalists. Madison and Hamilton came to a compromise to allow the Congress to make policies that called for a stronger federal government over individual state rights. This overall greatly impacted the government in a positive way. Without the compromise, it could have been possible that states would get to powerful and make individual states not work together as a whole country.
  • The National Bank

    The National Bank
    Hamilton presents the first national bank to Congress. His bank would be used to help the nation's economy and hopefully solve the debt. Because of his proposal, which will get passed, the nation's economy improves and it really helps America with their money problems.
  • Election of 1800

    Election of 1800
    In the Election of 1800, Jefferson and Burr ran against each other and tied. With Hamilton's help, he wrote essays to sway Congress into picking Jefferson. If Congress wouldn't have picked Jefferson, Burr could have made the government fall, so Hamilton's help overall had a positive affect on the government.
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