The Invention of the Lightbulb

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Timeline The First Light bulb was put on the market This year marked the first time the light bulb was put on the market. This was done by Henry Woodward.
Swan edison light bulbs The Invention of a longer lasting Lightbulb In 1878, Sir Joesph Wilson Swan created first longer lasting lightbulb. The lightbulb lasted 13.5 hours and was made of carbon fiber, which came from cotton.
Images1 Thomas Edison's Invention of the Lightbulb In 1878, Thomas Edison improved the lightbulb, by creating one that lasted for 40 hours. To improve the lightbulb, Edison placed the filament in an "oxygenless bulb".
Imagescayceevc Edison's Improvement of the Light Bulb Edison improved his invention of the light bulb, by creating a light bulb that lasted 1200 hours. To create this he used a bamboo derived filament.
Timeline The Invention of Willis Whitnew In 1903, Willis Whitnew invented a light bulb which did not turn dark after using it. To create this, a metal-coated filament was used.
Timeline The General Electric Company This year marked the first time the General Electric Company created a method to produce metal-coated filaments. However, this was extremely expensive
Timeline New Metal-Coated Filaments William David Coolidge created a new type of metal-coated filament which lasted longer than the other one and the cost was much more practical.
Timeline Frosted Light Bulbs This year marked the first time frosted lightbulbs were created.
Timeline Philips Light Bulb This year marked the invention of the light bulb which lasted 60,000 hours. The bulb is now magnetically induced.