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The History of St. Ignatius High School

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Timeline small square St. Ignatius HIgh School is Founded St. Ignatius High School is founded by German Jesuits, on the invitation of Bishop Richard Gilmour. Originally intended to be a six year secondary school.
Timeline small square Enrollment and Faculty There was a total of four teachers to teach the 75 student.
The first President, Rev. John Neustich S.J was President until 1888
Jugs small square JUGS JUGS(Justice Under God) are made and enforced to punish students for breaking rules, which rarely happens with Ignatius students.
Main%20buliding small square Completed Main BUilding The Main Buliding is finally completed.
Basketball small square Basketball BAsketball joins the Ignatius sports teams to join its prmire sport baseball.
Caroll%20gym small square THe Founding of Caroll Gym Caroll Gym is founded and opend, students have their Physical Education Classes here.
Timeline small square Marching Drills Marching drills are taught to students to prepare them for an inevitable World War I.
Timeline small square Beginning of a Football Dynasty The school participates in its first ever football game against Loyola High School. St. Ignatius destroyed Loyola 68-0.
Timeline small square New School Day Times The school day starts at 9 A.M. and finishes at 2:25 P.M.
Timeline small square Schools are Separated John Carrol University is formed and leaves St. Ignatius' campus for its own in University Heights. Making St. Ignatius its own high School.
Lighties small square The Lighties The "Lighties" are formed for those who are not suitable for Junior Varsity or Varsity sports. They played; football, basketball, and softball. Lasted until 1946.
Timeline small square Fathers Club's Institues the Scholarship Fund The Fathers Club, founded by Rev. Gerald Garvey S.J., starts the scholarship fund
Timeline small square Hockey Wins Cities The Hockey team wins City Championships
Timeline small square Baseball Eliminated The baseball prgram is eliminated due to "wartime priorities." Starts up next year again, however.
Timeline small square Mid-Year Graduations Mid-Year Graduation is held for those eligible for the draft.
Loyola%20hall small square Loyola Hall St. Mary's Elementary School becomes part of the St. Ignatius High School campus, known as the Annex but later on called Loyola Hall.
Timeline small square West Senate Victors The Football team wins the West Senate TItle.
Timeline small square Tennis The tennis program joins the St. Ignatius Athletic Program.
Timeline small square Golf The golf team joins the athletic program.
John%20ritz small square John J. Ritz John J. Ritz is named the varsity basketball and football coach.
Timeline small square The Greatest Rivarly in HIgh School Sports The Holy War, the annual football game between our beloved Wildcats and the hated Eagles is started. It was suspended in 1958 but later resumed in 1970.
Timeline small square Scholarship Drive The Scholarship Drive begins to raffle off houses annually.
Imagesca3ib76y small square New Dress Code The dress code is changed to the way as we know it today, a collared dress shirt and tie.
9124982 large small square Sullivan Gymnasium The Sullivan Gymnasium is built.
Timeline small square John J. Ritz- baseball John J. Ritz is named the varsity baseball coach.
Timeline small square Baseball Cities The Wildcats win their first ever baseball City Title.
Timeline small square Basketball and Football Champs John J. Ritz coaches teams to a City Championship for each team.
Student%20center small square Student Center The Student Center is built.
Arrupe small square Father Pedro Arrupe S.J. Visits Father Pedro Arrupe S.J. blesses the St. Ignatius community with a visit to our school.
Kirby small square Kirby Science Building The Kirby Science Building is built.
Timeline small square Wrestling Varsity wrestling is added to our Athletic Program.
Timeline small square Food Fight! An infamous food fight occured in the cafeteria.
Timeline small square Soccer Soccer is added to our Athletic Program.
Timeline small square The Mall West 30 street is closed off and becomes the mall in between the buildings.
Timeline small square Wasmer Field Wasmer Field is created.
Stignatius small square Paw Power The iconic paw print is now made the decal for Varsity football players' helmets.
Timeline small square Chuck Kyle Chuck "Chico" Kyle is named the VArsity football coach.
Timeline small square Wrestling Wins States Thr Wrestling team wins States.
Timeline small square Murphy Field House The Murphy Field House is built.
Timeline small square St. Mary's Chapel St. Mary of the Assumption Chapel is built.
Breen%20center%20arts small square The Breen Center The state of the art, Breen Center for the performing arts is built.
Timeline small square The New Mall The Mall is now renovated and is better than ever.
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HIstory of St. Ignatius High School