The History of Occupy Wall Street

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Timeline Adbusters publishes blog post that inspires the movement Adbusters posts a blog post titled A shift in revolutionary tactics. The post will become the inspiration for the movement.
Anon Anonymous promotes OWS Activist group Anonymous encourages people to attend the event, now scheduled for September 17th. Anonymous logo by anon.
Ows First day of the protest CNN article "Hundreds of protesters descend to 'Occupy Wall Street'" Photo from Wikimedia Commons Around 1,000 people attend the first day of the protest. A CNN article reports that "A marching band played as participants held impromptu yoga and tai chi classes in Bowling Green Park." NYPD prohibits the erection of tents on sidewalks (Wikipedia).
Timeline Police crackdown on protests, 80 arrested Protestors penned in and maced by NYPD Officers of the NYPD arrest 80 protestors, amid reports of police brutality by protestors.
Violence Protestors march on NYPD headquarters Protestors march on NYPD headquarters in response to the what the official OWS website called "heavy-handed tactics" by the police. Photo - still from Fox News video
Jopauca twitpic bridge 700 arrested on Brooklyn Bridge 700 protestors were arrested as they tired to march across the Brooklyn Bridge. Most of the protestors were charged with disorderly conduct. Photo by @jopauca/Twitpic
Olsen Police crackdown on protestors at Occupy Oakland Oakland Police officers shut down Occupy Oaklands camp and forcibly remove protestors. USMC veteran Scott Olsen became the face of police brutality when he is shot in the head at point blank range with a rubber shotgun slug. He was taken to the hospital in critical condition, where he recovered. Photo: Kimihiro Hoshino/AFP/Getty Images
Timeline NYPD evicts Occupy Wall Street's Zuccotti Park encampment Police in riot gear cleared out Occupy Wallstreet's Zuccotti Park encampment. A group of protestors were arrested during the eviction, and journalists were not allowed near the park during the police action.
Timeline Police arrest protestors at Occupy Los Angeles Around 300 protestors were arrested at Occupy Los Angeles after they defied the eviction notice and remained in their encampment, Reuters reported.
Timeline Occupy Wall Street attempts to re-occupy 50 people were arrested on the 3 month anniversary to the Occupy movement when they attempted to scale a fence to a church on what protestors dubbed "re-occupy day".
Timeline Occupy protests the National Defense Authorization Act 200 people participated in a flash mob at Grand Central Station to protest President Obama's signing into law the National Defense Authorization Act, which the Occupiers allege allow the US military to detain American Citizens indefinitely, without trial.
Timeline National day of protest against corporate personhood ALEC (the American Legislative Exchange Council, a right wing lobbying group) corporations were targeted for protests on Leap Day.
Timeline Occupy Wall Street attempts to retake Zuccotti Park Hundreds of protestors attempted to retake Zuccotti Park to mark the sixth month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Police cracked down almost immediatly, arresting 73, as reported by Mother Jones.