The History of Cuba's Government

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Oct 28th, 1492
Cuba was discovered by Christopher Columbus Christopher Columbus was a Spanish conquistador. He discovered Cuba on his journey west. He soon created settlements and colonies.
Eagle.2flags Cuba gains independence from Spain and is ceded to the US. During this time, the U.S. was a federal constitutional republic. When Cuba was under U.S. rule, they followed the laws and regulations that were made in America. But, they were not given a representative in the Federal Governmenrt.
Logo of the soviet union cnc Cuba became independent from the U.S.
Socialism Cuba became a Socialist State, the current government. They created a constitution, but still rely on communistic ideas. The government controls production and has a co-operative management of the economy.
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Sep 16th, 1493

Cuba was under Spanish rule. The governmenmt fluctuated with Spain’s government. Moving from republic to monarchy.

Cuba was a communist state. Cuba adopted the communist ideas of the Soviet Union. They remained communist until the fall of the Soviet Union after the Cold War. Throughout this time they were allied with the Soviets.