The French Revolution 1789 - 1794

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Hultonarchivetenniscourtoath Third Estate forms the National Assembly and take Tennis Court Oath The National Assembly was formed because they wanted to make a new constitution.
Est.gen .2 Louis XVL calls the Estates General The French were divided into three estates. The First Estate consisted of the Roman Catholic Clergy, the Second Estate was made up of nobles, and the Third Estate was consisted of "everyone else."
Bastille1 Storming of the Bastile An angry crowd captured the Bastille, a Paris prison. The mob wanted to get gunpowder for their weapons in order to defend the city.
Women's march on versailles March on Versailles A mob of women marched from Paris to the king's palace at Versailles. They were angry about high bread prices and demanded that the king come to Paris.
Reignofterror Start of Reign of Terror The start of the Reign of Terror all began with Robespierre. Robespierre set up a new revolutionary government and courts which lead to 40,000 citizens being executed by guillotine for treason.
Louisxvi ma Execution of Louis XVL and Marie Antointte Louis was arrested, interned in the Temple prison with his family, tried for high treason before the National Convention, found guilty by almost all and condemned to death by a slight majority. His execution made him the first victim of the Reign of Terror. His wife Marie Antoinette was guillotined on the 16 of October.
Robespierre.jpg.pagespeed.ce.rslhhvrchg Execution of Robespierre Eventually, Reign of Terror wiped out Robespierre's friends and himself and the citizens killed him by chopping off his head.