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The events leading up to the Texas Revolution

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Alamo small square Fall of the alamo The Alamo is in San Antonio the texans and mexicans were and when the Texans lost it inspiered many others to fight harder.
Images small square Declaration of Independence The person that wrote it is Gorge C. Childress and some oher people that were there were Sam Houston and Lorenvo De Zevala in Wachington on the brazos it was like a break up letter.
Groce1 337x227 small square Runway Scrape The runway scrape was in east Texas the Tejanos and the Mexicans were involved it was inportant because it was affecting the Tejanos and they wanted to fight back.
Texians1 small square Fannin's surender at Coleto Creek The Mexicans were in this as well were the Texans this was at Coleto Creek It was inportant because it made the Texans want their freedom harder.
The goliad massacre small square Goliad Massacre This toke place in the Goliad Country,Texas and the Mexicans and Texans were in it it was inportant because it made the Texians want to fight harder.
Sanjac big small square Santa Anna burns harrisburg Santa Anna burned the town harrisburg .When Houston saw him he was very furious.Everyone wanted to fight with Santa Anna.
The battle of san jacinto (1895)%20(1) small square Battle of San Jacinto It was near the modern la porte,Texasthe Texans were involved with the mexicans and started the Texas revolution
3474965660 c825617164 small square Vince Bayou Bridge The burning of Vince Bayou Bridge helped prevent Santa anna soldiers from reaching the safety of nearby reinforcements.
Santa%20anna... tiny small square Santa anna signsthe treaty of Valasco Santa anna signed the peace treaty after he was beat by the texians and he was captured.The texans agreed to let him go.Only if he took his army out of texas then they would let him go.
Cometakelg small square Battle of Gonzales It was in Texas the texan and Mexican were there and it was the stat of the Texas revolution
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Texas Revolution

The events leading up to the Texas Revolution