The Crusades Timeline

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Nov 27th, 1095
The Call For A Crusade Pope Urban II called for a council of clergy to meet at Clermont in France called the Council of Clermont. He called for a crusade against the Infidels (Non-Believers)
Feb 9th, 1096
The First Crusade The First Crusade's man aim was to Free the Holy Lands. The 1st Crusade was led by Count Raymond IV of Toulouse and proclaimed by many wandering preachers, including Peter the Hermit
Jan 1st, 1150
The Second Crusade In the year 1146, the city of Edessa, was taken by the Turks, and the entire population was slaughtered, or sold into slavery. This was the main cause for the Second Crusade
Feb 9th, 1190
The Third Crusade The main cause of the third crusade was because of the capture of Jerusalem in 1187 by Saladin (the leader of the Moslem World). The 3rd Crusade was led by Richard the Lionheart of England, Philip II of France, and Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I. Richard I made a truce with Saladin to end the third crusade
Jan 1st, 1202
The Fourth Crusade Pope Innocent III tried to revive the plans of Pope Urban II in uniting the forces of Christendom against Islam, no king felt the same way but some knights took up the vow. This was the main cause of the fourth crusade, the crusaders of the Fourth expedition captured Constantinople instead of Jerusalem.
Jan 1st, 1212
The Children's Crusade During the year 1212 A.D. about 30,000 French children assembled in bands and marched through the towns and villages, carrying banners, candles, and crosses. The Children's Crusade was led by a French peasant boy, Stephen of Cloyes
Jan 1st, 1218
The Minor Crusades - The Fifth Crusades The Fifth Crusade was led by the kings of Hungary and Cyprus. The fifth crusade was wasted in Egypt, and it resulted in nothing new happening.
Jan 1st, 1228
The Minor Crusades - The Sixth Crusade The Sixth Crusade was headed by Frederick II of Germany, he succeeded in securing the restoration of Jerusalem, together with several other cities of Palestine.
Jan 1st, 1245
The Minor Crusades - The Seventh Crusade The Seventh Crusade was not started by any Pope, but by King Louis IX of France, who became known later as Saint Louis because of his great devotion to God. After the Mamluks took Jerusalem in 1244, Louis announced his Crusade in 1245.
Jan 1st, 1270
The Minor Crusades - The Eighth Crusade After Louis IX of France had gotten France organized, he wanted to try another Crusade. The Seventh Crusade, which Louis led, had ended in failure in 1254, so in 1270 Louis tried again. But he started by going to Tunis, to get a base in North Africa. Unfortunately when dysentery struck his camp, Louis died of it. That was the end of the eighth and last Crusade.