The Chinese Dynastys

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Asian 199 Xia Dynasty Legend says the earliest Chinese dynasty was ruled by the Xia dynasty. There was no written language (recorded) and no archaelogical evidence that the Xia dynasty exsisted. Although, most historians date beginning of Chinese civilization to rise of the Xia dynasty.
Emperor zhezong of song  emperor of song dynastyd127c4282c5c2a6f2534 220 Sui Dynasty The period of disunion began after the Han dynasty collapsed from its 400 year rule over China from, 206 BC - 220 AD. The dynasty collasped causing millitary leaders to split into rival kingdoms. The Sui dynasty was a period of disorder and warfare. The civilization thrived, as Wendi, the first emporer of the Sui dynasty, worked to build a centralized government.
Sui 8th Mar, 0600 The Fall of the Sui Dynasty The dynasty fell as the government forced peasants to build a canal ("Grand Canal") that would stretch 1,000 miles south of China. The peasants were not pleased by the labor and harsh cicumstances, so they rebelled. Thus, causing the fall of the empire.
Images %2859%29 4th Mar, 0618 The Tang Dynasty The Tang dynasty ruled over China from 618 AD to 907 AD. During this time Chinese influence spread, China went through a time of prosperity, cultural achievement, and brilliance; beginning the period of brilliance. The government created a flexible law code was created to model the ones of Korea and Japan. The Tang dynasty had the first woman emporer, Wu Zhoa.
Images %2824%29 4th Mar, 0705 Wu Zhao was Overthrown After Wu Zhao was overthrown, the dynasty reached its height under Xuanzong’s rule.
X 8th Mar, 0756 China Split The empire, under Xuanzong’s rule then prospered during the reign from 712 AD - 756 AD and China split.
Images %2860%29 4th Mar, 0960 Song Dynasty The Song dynasty became the most advanced in the world and ruled for about 300 years. In addition to cultural achievements, the Tang and Song rule periods were a time of growth and prosperity. Architecture in the Song dynasty featured roofs at each floor curving upwards at corners and Pagoda, Indian Buddhist temples that designs are influenced of the Chinese Pagoda. Art and literature flourished, and many inventions and advances occurred in Science and Technology.
Invasion'' 8th Mar, 1120 Jurchen Invasion In 1120, north of the Song dynasty was conquered by Jurchen, nomadic people, founded in Jin empire.
Southern song map1 8th Mar, 1270 Southern Song The Song dynasty without the northern part was still succeding becasue the south was still under Song rule. The Southern Song dynasty continued for about 150 more years.
Although, around 1270, the dynasty fell.