The building up of World War 1

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Elt200802230830053088751 Creation of the Dual Alliance Summary- Otto von Bismarck formed the Dual Alliance between Germany and Austria- Hungary. The Dual Alliance between the two is a contaract saying that they would have peace between them, and that they would help each other. Significance of this event- This relates to the Alliance System which is an agreement or promise to defend and help another. country.
Bb6857153d7c789cc691a017c83bd1a4 1m Creation of the Triple Alliance Summary- At first there was only an Alliance between Germany and Austria- Hungary but then three years later, Italy joined the two countries, thus creating triple clliance. Significance of this event- This relates to the alliance system because all three countries are working together, they have decided to work together.
Images 1 Rise of Kaiser Wilhelm II description- Kaiser Wilhelm II became the ruler of Germany, Kaiser kicked Bismarck out of leadership of Germany. He had a treaty with Russia, he didn't want that alliance any more so it ended. significance of this event- This event relates to the alliance system. The alliance system because it was canceled caused a disruption all across Europe
Flag pins russia france Alliance of Russia and France Summary- After Germany decied to cancel its treaty with Russia, Russia than made an defensive military alliance with france. Germany was scared of Russia and France teaming up, if he was an enemy of either than he would become an enemy to both then he would have to fight a two-front war. Significance of this event- This relates to the alliance system because Russia and France are working together to make a very powerful military.
20091015 japan 101  tokyo 201218 g Rise of militarism Militarism was the policy of admirable military power while also keeping an army who is prepared for war. Having a large and strong military was important to some people but it also scared them. Significance of this event- This relates to militarism and militarism is building up armed forces, getting ready for war.
Flag pins germany france Conflicts over Morocco Summary- In 1905 and again 1911. Germany and France nearly fought over who would control Morocco, in Northern Africa, Most of Europeans supported France so Germany backed out Significance of this event- This event relates to Imperialsm Germany and France want to build Marroco but they are fighting over control for it because
Map Triple Entente System Summary- Britain made an entente with both France and Russia. The entente didn't bind Britain to fight with France and Russia. It was positive that Britain would not fight against them. Significance of this event- This even relates to the alliance system because Britian decided to make an alliance with France and Russia.
C34d6c342ee5bc6f065ca73382f402c5 1m Austria annexing Bosnia and Herzegovina Summary- Austria took over Bosnia and Herzegovina because Austria feared that efforts to cre-ate a Slavic state would create rebellion among their Slavic population, so he took over Bosnia and Herzegovina because they both had large Slavic popula-tions. Significance of this event- this event relates to Nationalism which is having pride in your country, willing to defend it. Austria had pride to help his country.
Image002 the succession of declarations of war by Austria, Russia, Germany, and Great Britain Austria declared war on serbia so than russian is mobilizing Austria, Russia also mobilizing on Germany. Germany than declared war on Russia. Russia needed help from France but than Germany declared war on France. Than Great Britian declared war on Germany.
Image002 The Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand Summary- Archduke Franz Ferdinand, and his wife, Sophie went to Sarajevo, Suddenly the archduke was shot by Gavrilo Princip who was a mem ber of the Black Hand, the black hand was much like a very large conspiracy. Then Austria had many things that they wanted fromSerbia so Serbia knew of they didn't accept than a war would brake out, Serbia was weak compared to Austria. Significance of this event this relates to imperialism because Austria and Serbia were trying to build up their Empires.
Elt200902220742597282970 The first declaration of world war 1 event- this relates to Militarism beause Austria and Russia where preparing for war.