The Battles of the French and Indian War

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  • Fort Necessity

    The battle was one of the first battles of the French and Indian War and George Washington's only military surrender after many of his men were wounded and killed.
  • Fort Duquesne

    The Battle of Fort Duquesne was fought for the Ohio River and this space was occupied by French settlers. The English settlers wanted the land, and they fought the French for the land and the British quickly retreated the battle but, decided they wouldn't stop trying.
  • Lake George

    The Battle of Lake George was the British first important battle against the French. The French ended the battle by running away after the British captured General Dieskau.
  • Fort Ticonderoga

    This battle was fought in 2 days and the French won victorious, but there reign on Ticonderoga didn't last. The British fought the French again, and the British took the land.
  • Fort Frontenac

    This battle was a siege. This was when the 2 armies waited for 1 side to surrender. This battle was one of the most important victories to the British. The British badly outnumbered the French so the French had to quickly surrender.
  • Fort Niagara

    The victory at Fort Niagara was the first of several for British forces in North America in 1759. This battle was a 20 day long siege and this gave hope to the British that they could win the war.
  • Battle of Montreal

    In this battle, 18,000 British soldiers invaded Montreal after the battle of Quebec. The French only had 2,100 soldiers protecting the land, so after 3 days, the French was forced to surrender which led to the British victory, because there was no land in North America for the French.
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    The Battles of the French and Indian War